Stop the Madness!

Oct 28/18

So things have changed again since last I posted regarding my kidney biopsy soap opera.

My Nephrologist left my hospital admittance in the hands of my asshole GP. I went to see said GP this past week for some script renewals. He didn’t even know that’s why I was there. He wanted to talk about my admittance paper work. He proceeded to ask me why I couldn’t get to this hospital on my own. Why couldn’t I stay overnight there and get myself home.

I told him I’d injured my back. I can’t handle a 10 hour round trip drive by myself let alone as a passenger. He mumbled something about me costing money. Nice eh?! Not once did he acknowledge the fact that my kidneys were in trouble or ask about my back injury aside from asking if er doc scripted me pain killers. My biopsy is an emergency situation and he was clueless. He didn’t ask how I was feeling physically or emotionally. He just went on and on about why I couldn’t get myself there.

Then it got worse. He said well, we might be able to get you there but could you get back on your own? WHAT?! After a biopsy and with a back injury?! He said again can’t you find somewhere to stay? NO! I can’t and how would I get home if you’re getting me there?!

He said well we’ll see what we can do I’ll call you if there are changes. DAMMIT! WHAT CHANGES?! He never said.

I wasn’t about to leave this to him. I never did trust him, and now I really don’t trust him. He doesn’t at all have my best interests at heart.

I came home horribly upset and feeling like a piece of garbage that was just a burden to him and the medical system. I didn’t choose to be sick or to need a biopsy.

I called my Nephrologists office. They were angry with him as was the hospital where I will be taken for this biopsy and very apologetic for him. I let them know he’s not at all supportive. They were also mortified that he was talking cost with me. It’s not the first time he’s done that to me. And he’s done it to my Mr. CrankyPants. It costs him nothing. And Mr. CrankyPants hardly ever goes to a doc so when he does it’s because he’s in a bad way. Doc often blows him off too.

Nephrologist’s office said leave it with them. They will make sure I’m transferred both ways. The hospital also called my hospital here to let them know that was necessary.

Well I’m sure that you won’t be surprised to hear that I got a call today from my hospital here in town. They said I don’t have a bed at the hospital so if I stay the night, I’d have to stay in emergency where it’s noisy. Would I like to sleep at home and come in early in the morning.


My GP failed to arrange a bed.

At first I said no I need to stay as it’s very early in the am and I need some testing done before I go. Why wasn’t I given a bed with what was supposed to be a weeks notice? No answer.

Here’s the kicker. They said I wouldn’t be picked up for transfer until 8:30 am. Again WHAT?! That wouldn’t leave enough time for me to arrive when I’m supposed to at out of town hospital.

They said it will since you’re being flown. Flown?! Last I heard that was off the table. No one had informed me I was being flown. I just want to scream. I’m grateful to be flown but not being informed, not having a bed, and having a GP who doesn’t give a shit about me or my care, only about money is too much. These kind of constant changes have been going on for the last two weeks straight and I’m so done with it.

So now, the new plan is that I’m sleeping in my own bed tonight. Mr. CrankyPants is going to be a bit late for work in order to drop me off at the hospital tomorrow morning. I will then have the testing I need done before they pick me up at 8:30 am if they’re on time and transfer me to the airport. As far as I know I’m being flown via air ambulance but no one has said.

Whatever I’m being flown in will land at the airport out of town, then I’ll be transferred to the hospital from there. They will wait until my whole testing process is done, transfer me back to the airport and fly me back to the hospital in our town.

Plans better not change again or someone is going to get real hurt. I’m someone who doesn’t cry much but my GP has had me crying twice this week.

My nephrologist is very ticked at him and going to bat for me thankfully.

On that note I got word of a GP in our city who has a very good reputation and is taking new patients. He cares about his patients. The day I heard about him, I drove the half hour into town to fill out the paperwork in order to become his patient. I’ll have to wait to hear from him but that’s okay.

I’m so done with my asshole GP who seems to care more about money and maybe his reputation? I don’t know then the well being of his patients. I’ve been with this present GP for 6 years and it’s like he doesn’t know me. He even asked why I still needed pain killers. Umm…Rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, no anti-inflammatory meds as my kidney’s are in trouble?! He doesn’t even look at my records or results.

He’s been scripting me pain killers for the same reason for 4 years. I’ve never even used the full dose he scrips me so he knows I’m not addicted but I do need them for quality of life.

Anyway, I’ll be glad when this whole hell is over with. I sure hope the new doc is as good as word has it. I hope he’ll have my back and be willing to script pain killers. I hope he may even support medical marijauna. All things I will be asking him in the meet and greet.

Going back to the kidney thing, my last set of testing the pre-biopsy testing showed that my results were back to my norm. My norm is still not normal but much less worrisome. A good weird, but weird. Maybe it happened just to get this biopsy thing happening so we can get some solid answers as to what’s going on with me.

Better Days & No More Medical,