Reporting Part 2

If you read yesterday’s post Here you will know I decided to report to the hospital that I woke up during a very painful procedure to me a month ago. I warned the doc I would if he didn’t put me right out and he refused. I woke up in agony.

I got a call back this morning bright and early. It was nice that they got back to me so quickly. They took my report and passed it to the proper department.

That department has already called me as well. I just got off the phone with them in fact. So this is where they’re starting. They are going to find out if there was a disconnect in information given to me. Aka the nurses telling me all I had to do was ask to be put out, and they would put me out when that was clearly not the case.

We are not yet going to make this about the Dr. Only because he is the only specialist I have the option of seeing up here in his field and if I need to see him again it would be awfully awkward if he’s made aware that I reported him.

Having said that we’re not ruling that out yet because he also treated me poorly. We’re just looking into some other things first. I told the hospital that I thought there would be communication between the nurse I’d talked to about being knocked out and the Dr. There was none.

They just want to see first if I was given some false information. So they are investigating.  I have asked them to keep me in the loop to which they agreed. I have offered to educate them on people with ostomies because I have one that needed to be watched during the procedure and no one watched or looked after it,even after I made it clear it needed to be watched. No one knew how to.

So first,they’re looking into whether there needs to be some policy changes within the hospital. More communication, proper communication, and an option put in place for people like myself who don’t sedate well or at all if one doesn’t exist. After that’s all looked into then we’ll decide where to go with the Dr. side of things.

Health Services was very kind, compassionate and seemed to want to help and make things better. If that’s true then I feel like I did the right thing. Maybe, just maybe it will bring about some positive changes in the hospital for others as well.

Rainbows & Sunshine,