Not feeling well

I slept in. That was my first clue.

I don’t feel well today.

The fatigue has got me. Pain has got me.

I can hardly walk because my hip doesn’t want to let me. To use my crutches doesn’t work well around the house.

This is the nature of autoimmune disease. It blindsides you constantly. It’s not a total surprise since I was dealing with a very stressful situation this week. In short, we have a nightmare neighbour who causes a lot of trouble and when he’s around it causes me extreme anxiety. He caused trouble this week, which I think has sent me into a flare. Between that and dealing with Dr.’s (I have a phobia of Dr.’s. I know funny given my situation). It would be enough to cause this.

So, today I have to bow to the disease so to speak. I need to allow myself to be tired and rest. I have to try not to feel guilty.

I wonder if my TB test would have anything to do with this too? Hmmm..

The best we can do for ourselves is listen to our body, if we ignore it, it will likely set us back further.

Hope this finds you all having a better day.

Oceans & Mountains,