No Meds

My last post was talking about the struggle with my immune suppressants making me so ill. Last night I decided to skip taking them for the night. I just couldn’t stand the thought of taking them. I also wanted to see if there’d be any difference, knowing it would likely take time.

Boy was I surprised.

I felt better today than I’ve felt in many months. My gut didn’t hurt, the complications I’ve been having one of which caused severe pain were gone.

In. One. Missed. Dose.


This has made my decision for me. I’m done with the immune suppressants. If they are taking my life away more then the disease, they are not worth it too me. I need quality of life. I will still be asking the Rheumie about biologics to help with joint pain. I call her tomorrow. I don’t expect to get to talk to her tomorrow but she’ll call me back.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that she’ll still work with me. She more likes to blame me that my body isn’t tolerating the meds like it’s my fault.

I’m so glad I skipped the meds and felt so much better today because I had an Entrepreneurs market to be at with my business this afternoon. It was also very telling. I hope that I continue to improve from here. Hubby keeps reminding me it could just be a good day. He’s right, I sadly need to keep that in mind because of the nature of autoimmune disease. He doesn’t want me to get my hopes really up and be let down. He sees me hurt enough. I’m blessed to have him.

Hope this finds you enjoying your Sunday evening.

Good days & No meds,