When my Insurance company and the Enbrel company are butting heads on a new payment protocol that’s not working. I’m left without my meds. I called last Friday to renew the script. I found out Tuesday there was an issue. It’s now Thurs. and the issue still isn’t resolved. Tomorrow is when I’m due for my next Enbrel injection and I’ve got none left. I called in what should have been lots of time to have it by now.

If that’s not enough, I shipped a package to a customer Monday it should have been to them Tues. or Wed. at latest. It’s still not to them. So long story short, at this point the package is lost in the mail. No one knows where it is and my poor first time customer is anxiously awaiting it. This does not make me look good to a new customer.

Sometimes I wish things could just be easier, even once in a while. I’m so tired of battling. Battling for answers, for Dr.’s, for meds. If something would go right even once in a while it would be nice. That reminds me, I now have to try and get through to my Internists office. Wish me luck, that’s always a crap shoot.

Yep like yesterday two times, no answer today. If I a leave message they never return my call. I need to know if I need to stop a med before my scopes and how long before. Fat chance I’ll get an answer.

At least we have sun today after getting 50 cm of snow last week and  temperatures that were at -50 c (-58 f).

*Update: Something went right. Not only did I get through to the Internists office on the third try but, and this never happens, they called me back in 15 mins. with an answer. The Dr. just happened to be walking by the secretaries desk just after I called so she asked him. I don’t really have to stop the med at all which is bonus, but I will stop it on the prep day because it does the opposite of what the prep does, so it just doesn’t make sense to me not too. 

Sunny days & Less winter,


Ticked off

Since I’ve started Enbrel I’m required to see a Rheumie once every three months. That I knew. What I didn’t realize is that they call me and tell me when my appointment is. The Ins. Co. controls that.

Well sorry I told them already I’m not making a trip in the winter. I had to tell them again. Fine they accommodated that and now I’m allowed to go in April instead. Great.

Next issue…

I’m to be there at 9 am.


No way in hell can I make a 5 hour trip one way sick as hell with crohn’s sympotms and pain (Maybe I’ll be diagnosed by then who knows) and be there at 9 am. That would  mean I’d have to be on the road at 3 am.  I have epilepsy too. No sleep=trouble.

Mr. CrankyPants has to take off work to drive me. There’s no way we can make it a two day trip. They’re going to make us go broke. He’s the only one working. Plus his work wouldn’t be happy about him taking off two days.

We’re told the Dr. only does morning clinics. Well then tough I can’t be there.

I’m waiting for a call back. Last time the doc accommodated the fact that I couldn’t be there that early. I can’t even make it to docs appointment in town that early. I’m too sick in the mornings.

No one gives a shit about our health, they only care about money and their schedules. I’m tired of not being treated like a human being. I’m tired of being sick all the time and needing all this seemingly more damaging then the disease medications. And medications that force me to take trips out of town I’m not up to taking.

You’d think with all this advanced technology that I could do a Skype appointment but noo… not good enough for the Ins. Co. Rheumie has to see my joints herself.

You’d think the Internist here in town could evaluate my joints and send a report to the Rheumie. But nooo..That’s not good enough for the Insurance Co. They apparently want one to suffer if they’re having to pay out.

I’m just so done. That’s my truth today. I’m just done.

I hope to be able to move the heck out of here even before this first appointment but certainly before the second one. I can’t see the Ins. Co. paying out any longer then the 6 months they’ve allotted me anyway. 6 months is how long this med takes to work. So if I do begin to get relief and they cut me off then what?! I’m in pain again, and now the pain feels worse because I got used to having relief?!  How do the Ins. Co. nurses live with themselves in this kind of job?

Happier days & Less Cranky,