I mentioned in an earlier post that I would tell you more about my amazing crutches. At times the arthritis from this disease is so bad in my hips and back that it’s very painful to walk and or stand.

This was causing me a great deal of stress because with MCTD comes arthritis in all my joints, thus not allowing me to use regular crutches. My wrists, elbows and shoulders can’t take any weight. I wondered what I was going to do. I couldn’t even use a walker (Not that I wanted to anyway) since that also puts pressure on my joints.

Then I found SmartCrutches. I can’t even tell you how much of a gift they’ve been. The way they’re designed, they take all the pressure off the joints I mentioned above but still give me support for walking and standing. Not only that, they come in all sorts of cool colours, so they’re not your average blah crutches. They have become an accessory and I love them.

Now I can be out for longer when I need to be and not worry so much about how much pain I’ll be in later. If any of you find that you need a walking aid, I can’t speak highly enough about SmartCrutches.  Oh and the arm rests are adjustable so they can be moved up or down for maximum comfort.  Did I mention that I LOVE these?!

*Just a note. I’m not being paid to share this with you. I just love these and it’s given me some of my life back, and taken the worry of not being able to walk away. No one wants to think of a wheelchair and now I don’t have to. 

I’m so grateful.

Below are a couple of pictures of my cool new accessory.

Pink cool SmartCrutches
How my arm fits in the        SmartCrutches

Here’s the link to their website if anyone wants to check them out and all the cool colours.

Sunny days & SmartCrutches


Something Funny because humour is survival

I find humour is crucial to dealing with autoimmune disease. Sometimes you just have to laugh. Maybe you’ve all figured out that I can be a tad sarcastic the ODD time. 😉 So without being a further Cranky Pants, here’s a short something funny for you all to get a giggle. I’m off to do another damn shop.

Rainbows and Lightening,

Cranky Pants


A Walk in the Park

Well I made it through yesterday’s shopping trip. Fatigue caught up with me in the evening. What can I do but rest right? Rest I did. Today is Sunday. My Husband and I usually walk in the park if the weather allows. For me “if the weather allows” has more concern then for some without this autoimmune roller coaster ride.

It can’t be to sunny, or hot. If it’s sunny, it needs to be cooler or I overheat fast. So much so that it can cause me to pass out. Thankfully today was cool and sunny.

Then I have to figure out whether I can walk. I could today but I needed my SmartCrutches. (A post to come on those amazing things.).  My hips still aren’t happy. Add in a struggle to breathe today that slams me from out of nowhere.

Despite all that I have to say that I’m grateful I was able to do the walk in the park. It brings me peace.

For those who wonder what autoimmune disease is, in short your own immune system attacks you and causes all sorts of problems. They most often come out of nowhere and they’re bad. It can attack anything from your joints, to your skin, to your organs to your brain. You can be holding your own one minute and near death the next, that’s how serious and deadly this disease is.

The medications they use to treat the disease make you just as sick or sicker than the disease itself but they are a necessary evil. I’ll save that post for another day.  I hope you’re able to find something about your Sunday to enjoy.

Sunshine and flowers,


Today I have to drive. It hurts.

Today I have to drive 20 mins. into town. That may not seem like much to some, but to me it’s a lot. Driving hurts for starters. I have to grocery shop and my hips don’t want to let me walk today, so I have to try and figure out how I’m going to shop alone with my crutches. My husband has to work so I’m on my own.

Carrying groceries hurts.

We don’t look sick but what does sick look like? It doesn’t always mean we have to be in a wheelchair or with some sort of medical device to be sick. That’s not what qualifies us. But people judge. I have a handicapped parking pass. I’ve been lucky enough not to have anyone confront me, but I’ve heard a lot of stories of those who’ve had to deal with that. I’ve had some looks but I just smile and keep going.

Today I have to drive 20 mins. into town. It hurts. But I will do it because it has to get done. Then I will need to take pain killers and rest.

Can anyone relate?

Unicorns and Rainbows,


Granny Cranky Pants

I hate this disease (MCTD) with a passion. In short it hurts, it ambushes, it kills, it causes you to suffer in silence because no one can see it therefore no one can believe it. It takes away your social life, or life in general.

I feel like a granny caught in an 40 something body. I wake up most days never knowing how the disease is going to attack me today. Walking hurts, my hands, wrists, shoulders, neck, elbows and back hurt. I can’t do what most others my age do. Oh and I can’t work. Some days the pain gets so bad that I have involuntary tears streaming down my face.

Did you know that these diseases attack your organs too? Oh yes. I can’t breath often, my kidneys are at risk, and I lost my bladder years ago which now they tell me is from this disease. We can’t forget neurological so let’s add in Epilepsy for good measure.

And just when I thought I was done, then there’s Raynaud’s. My fingers love to turn blue and white like I have frost bite. What the hell?! Cold and or stress causes that.

Don’t get me started on the medical world. That’s another post or maybe 100. All I’ll say on that right now is that they’re clueless.

I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. I hate you disease. Go back to hell where you came from.

This Cranky Pants rant brought to by none other than Cranky Pants. Surprised?

If anyone else needs a judgement free place to post a Cranky Pants vent visit my contact page and I’ll get you set up.

Rainbows and twinkling stars,