Headed to the Rheumie

I managed to get in with the Rheumie for Monday. Hubby has taken off work and we’re going to do the trip in one day. I have to see the Rheumie to have her apply for Humira for me.

It’s not going to be an easy trip. I thought I was doing better since I was off the meds, they are still in my system so either they or the disease is still causing major gut issues. How does one do a 10 hour trip with that going on?

I’m usually completely fried after a trip like this, but I hope it will be the last one for the entire winter. Please God let it be the last one.

I’m grateful that I have such a supportive Husband who’s willing to take off work and drive me. I feel for him. Being chronically ill is hard on our significant others too. They watch us suffer like no others do, they feel helpless and heartache. We can’t forget that. Autoimmune disease affects the family, not just us.

I make sure I thank Hubby often and ask him how he’s doing with everything. I acknowledge how hard it must be on him. I make it okay for him to tell me it’s hard and how. It’s one thing I can give back to him.

Today was a busy day. I had to fill three orders for three different stores with my business. I have another store I’m pitching next week, and I have a show coming up in Nov. Tis the season already! I’m happy to have the business, but with battling MCTD and being a one woman show with my business, it can get to be too much. I make everything myself, do all the pitches, deliveries, shows, label printing, invoices…

I wish could hire help but my business isn’t at that place yet.

Sunny Days & Rainbows,