About Cranky Pants

Welcome to my blog. I’m CrankyPants. This blog is not about flowers, sunshine and rainbows. This is my space to bitch, complain, cry and vent about everything that sucks about living with autoimmune disease.
I have Rheumatoid Arthritis/Disease and Lupus. If you decide you enjoy listening to bitching or you feel the nee for a good bitch session yourself ,then you will likely learn more about this disease and other illnesses of the like.
Since I’m sure you all may get tired of my bitching, I invite you to do the same. Living with AD is very isolating I know. So if you need to vent too, I welcome you to send me an email and I’d be happy to post your bitching vent. We’re in this together right?!
Just take your Cranky Pants over too my Contact page.

If for whatever WordPress reason the link doesn’t work my Gmail is crankypantsnow@gmail.com

There may be days where my post is one word, one sentence,a longer post or I may not post at all. To be honest I’m not here to people please but have a space to get the frustration out.
This disease affects a lot of things but a big part of it for me is severe joint pain.
So welcome to this bitchin dark side. Are you in?

Flowers and Rainbows,

P.S: Just a warning CrankyPants may have a bit of a potty mouth and this blog is uncensored