8 thoughts on “Surgery Consult Update

  1. Sounds like you have a good doctor. I guess a partial wrap is better than no wrap at all, and at least your major surgery won’t be quite as major as it could be. I hope the surgery goes well, and helps improve your health situation. Have you considered getting a new tattoo, perhaps on your stomach, that reads, “No steroids or anti-inflammatories!”?

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    1. Well I just found out today that my name isn’t even on the list for surgery like I was told it would be 6 months ago. Doc pulled it without telling me while I went through testing. I’m livid and feeling defeated. It means once my name is on the list I’m waiting for two years. I can’t live in this kind of pain another 2 years.
      I had a bad feeling and called and asked about it today. I would have never known otherwise.
      I actually am booked for another tattoo in Sept. Maybe I should put that note on it too. Lol

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      1. That’s crazy. Those doctors in NA need to get on the ball.
        You are becoming a walking work of art. Have you made arrangements to have your body preserved and put on display in an art museum after you die?


      2. Bahaha! It is. It’s been my only sanity. My consult is on Thurs. I’m letting the artist totally design it. She’s really good and I trust her to do that. I have no vision for this one.
        I’m not signed up for a museum but I should maybe insure my arms and everywhere there’s tattoo’s. They’re expensive. $200/hr.

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      3. Wow, you are very trusting. I hope your artist has a good imagination. And at $200/hr for a tattoo, maybe you should start charging people to see them. There could be a good profit in it.


      4. I like the way you think. Profit in it. You have a business mind.
        This particular artist is the only one I’d ever allow to do this. She has a gift to go beyond pics to persons heart. It’s hard to explain but she’s on the autistim spectrum so she’s actually somewhat of a genius. She will give me an idea of what she sees that will work, and then on the day I go in to get my tattoo done she’ll show me a drawing of what’s she’s come up with. I can then tell if I love it or want some changes.
        What all tattoo artists charge I think is too much. They may actually make more money if they’d charged less so it’s more affordable for many who want tattoos but can’t afford them.
        I’ve saved for months for this one.

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