3 thoughts on “Bad News & More Tests

  1. Wow, yes, that was a long video. But it seems you have a lot on your mind. Autoimmune pancreatitis sounds like a real bummer to have, especially since there’s no cure. I guess your doctor can get more tests for you real fast, due to the off-chance that this could be cancer. But I hope it isn’t cancer.

    It must be the pits, going through all that you’re going through, between all the uncomfortable tests, scary diagnoses, and chance you’ll have to take steroids. You seem bummed out, to me, over all this. And I can understand why.


  2. Thanks Tippy. For once I just wanted to be a fixable answer. I always get “no cure” diagnosis.

    Also it’s kind of funny you say so because I looked at My Chart for the follow up notes regarding my appointment and he’s requesting my test be on or before June 2.

    I’ll still fight to steer clear of steroids. Like I said I’ve done my homework and I know there’s other options and I’ll be talking to the new Rheumie about them.

    Sorry the video was so long. It might have been a bit shorter if there weren’t car horns going off and dogs barking. They were Doxies too. Lol

    On a positive note a friend without knowing I had a rough day brought me flowers out of nowhere today.
    That meant a lot.
    Now where’s my jelly beans? Black of course.


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