20 thoughts on “Called the Dentist about His Concern

  1. My comments on YouTube are disappearing lately, but I wanted to make sure you saw this so I am leaving it here as well as on YT. You might want to reconsider getting dental implants. Autoimmune patients are poor healers and you do not want to have nonhealing implants. Implants can truly be a nightmare if there are problems, and poor healing is an additional problem on top of everything else that can go wrong. I’m not trying to scare you, but a lot of people just don’t think about these things until they happen. Have you considered a partial denture? I would hate it if you had regrets and ended up in more pain. 😦


    1. Thanks you so much for caring. I got your message on YT. I will ask the dentist about a partial denture. I don’t like the idea of implants, they scare me and like you said healing time and infection risk as well. I’m thinking partial dentures may be cheaper and a way shorter process too.


  2. Wow, your hair has really grown fast.

    Okay, I know it’s a wig. Looks nice, but have you considered some exotic colors, such as neon orange, or lime green?

    That’s a little scary to have your insurance run out when you may need more dental work. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that your front tooth will stay in.

    I wouldn’t mind not working. In fact, I don’t work, and I don’t mind. But if you want to be active, it must be a real bummer that you can’t hold down a job.

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    1. Haha! Yes! I colours. If I get anymore wigs, they will be different colours for sure!
      I’d have my own hair coloured if it would be strong enough to handle it.
      Side note: I passed my exam with an 83% and my overall mark is 91%! (Sign language course). Woot!

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  3. You totally shocked me with your wig, but I do like it!
    My mouth is hurting now thinking of yours! (((HUGS)))) , I agree that dental costs are outrageous! Hoping your tooth stays in until insurance can cover again!
    Yay on you having a break in the stomach pain, but I can imagine the unease it must cause wondering when it will come back!

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    1. Haha! It was really hard to show up with wig but thank you. Dentists are insane. Me too regarding my teeth. The stomach pain has since come back with a vengeance but at least I had a break from it. I called about the hida test today and long story short, it seems the surgeons office has messed up again and now they’re closed until Monday. The hospital says she thinks they got me mixed up with another patient, so now I’m still not booked.

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