5 thoughts on “A Trip to the Dentist & a Scare

  1. Maybe no new is good news, with the dentist. Still, it must not be fun sitting on pins and needles waiting for information.
    I’m impressed that you know sign language now. Maybe you can put one of those little boxes in the corner of your video posts, and make your message accessible to the deaf.

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    1. I have the answer now. I called. They’re not thinking cancer. I still need the cat scan and work done on it. They think that area has been traumatized from me slamming my teeth together with seizures in my sleep, or clenching/grinding. My appointment has been moved to Wed. instead of the end of the month so I’m going to be one frozen girl. They won’t know fully until they go in how bad things are. If they do all the work planned my whole lower jaw and half my upper will be frozen to deal with these three teeth. Gah! The one of concern could need a root canal, I can’t remember if they said it was fractured or they think it is. I’m glad I called so my mind doesn’t go to bad places all weekend.

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      1. So you’ve been beating yourself up, it seems. Poor tooth. Now you have more torture and pain to endure at the dentist’s office. I hope everything goes well on Wed.

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      2. All the time. The guilt is real. You know family voices in your head? And not my hubby. Thank you. I just hope I can get it all over with on Wed. The dentist said the best thing for the tooth in question is a crown. I told him I can’t afford it. There’s other stuff that’s more important that I need before a crown on that tooth.

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