16 thoughts on “Test Results Good & Bad

  1. Well, at least your doctor is hearing you and trying to step up the testing and treatment. And that sounds like good news, that you don’t have scleraderma. Too bad you’re going to have to wait longer, though, for answers.

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      1. I was looking at Covid case stats for Canada, and they’re way up. Weird, since our stats are way down. Has Canada been doing much vaccinating?


      2. It’s insane. I honestly don’t know. A lady in the Fb support group I run said she’s candidate to get it done now as she’s immune compromised. They are so back logged she had two choices, wait for months or longer or go out of town to get it done in a week or so. With that info I’m assuming they’re on it. I’m not interested in getting it at all atm and good thing since apparently I wouldn’t be able to easily anyway.

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      3. I’m waiting for the J&J vaccine. It’s just one shot, with no booster. But regardless of the vaccine, I’m also waiting until it’s easy to get, with no hassle.

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      4. I have mixed feelings. So far I don’t see vaccinated people dropping like flies, so that’s a good sign. But there have been no long-term longitudinal studies on side effects, due to how new these vaccines are. That leaves me feeling somewhat concerned.

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