5 thoughts on “Appointment with my Rheumie| More Scary News

  1. How frustrating and aggravating to deal with a doctor like that. She seems really flaky, to me, and seems to treat you as if her time is more important than yours.

    I hope you don’t have scleraderma, but if you do I guess it would be important to know. From what I’m gathering, that seems to be one of your biggest challenges these days. You’re trying to narrow down the diagnosis of AI to a specific disease such as, god forbid, scleraderma.

    I hope your new rheumie will be easier to communicate with, and more helpful at finding a specific diagnosis.

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    1. It’s just crazy! More craziness today too. I’m tired. Dealing with docs and being sick is a full time job. Had to call the surgeons office to make a follow up appointment which they should have done when I talked to them yesterday. Doc still hadn’t read the results. My follow up is almost three weeks away. Then called the Rheumies office to see if I could get my results through them. Results hadn’t been read so they couldn’t interupret them. I booked a follow up with the present Rheumie for the end of April before I have the consult with the new one end of May. Rheumie’s secretary is going to go after the surgeon for the results as she says he should have read them by now. They’re going to hate me. I don’t know why the Rheumie and the Surgeon don’t just talk to each other to help get me figured out!
      And yes I’d really like to know what the hell is going on with me. It sure helps when one can get an official diagnosis. In the meantime I’m still off my meds because I’m still dealing with thrush. So…My joint pain is coming back. I need a get away that doesn’t involve anything medical.

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      1. What a lot of confusion and bureaucracy. Seems like no one makes time to communicate, so you’re left guessing all the time.

        I’ll bet you want to get away. The stress of dealing with all of this must feel overwhelming at times.

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