8 thoughts on “Dental Surgery Update|Blinsided with Autoimmune Disease Again

  1. So that molar extraction is giving you problems now? Geez, I hope you don’t have nerve damage from it.

    At least your back is feeling better. And your stomach pain. And in a few months you’ll get a new, hopefully better, rheumie.

    You could have paid that kid who helped move your couch, by giving him a free dog. I’m sure he would have been very pleased.

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    1. It’s insane. Thank you. I am feeling better today but I’m fighting to deal with my Rheumie who was supposed to call me at 10:15. It’s now 10:43 and she still hasn’t called and I get an email from the drug company telling me she said I’m supposed to continue on the med that is making me sick and to call her asap for a follow up appointment. WHAT?! I call and they say I’m on the list to call today and she’s running late. Sigh…

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      1. I talked to her finally yesterday. The call came an hour late and she blind sided me again with a student calling me. I was so mad. I’m just about to do a update video regarding that phone conversation.


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