4 thoughts on “Emergency Trip to the Dentist

  1. Good thing you had some Percocet. I’m impressed this only cost you $15. You must have some good insurance.

    I’ve had all my wisdom teeth out. One was embedded, which required surgery and general anesthesia. I was still under the influence while my wife drove me home, and she says I was singing songs, and begging her to take me to the casino. I never gamble, so that’s pretty strange. I have very little memory of the drive home.

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    1. That’s hilarious. For my wisdom teeth I was in the hospital and put right under. For the other tooth I had pulled the dentist said I had enough sedation to knock a 300 pound man out and I was still awake and that was actually for a root canal he did on the tooth I just had pulled. He then proceeded to pull another tooth without my permission. I was mad. Add in how badly he and his staff treated me. I had his office manager yelling at me on the phone. Long crazy story. I looked into suing him. The lawyer I called ended up being his lawyer. Interesting that he needed/had a lawyer.

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