9 thoughts on “Going through the Manometry and 24 Hour PH Test

  1. The gagging sounds like an awful experience. But at least you haven’t hurled yet. Hang in there. No hurling!

    I’ll have to remember that trick about holding the tongue to prevent swallowing, the next time I take a bite of bad-tasting food. Or maybe the next time I listen to a slick sales pitch that I’m ready to swallow, hook, line, and sinker, I’ll just grab my tongue.

    Too bad you can’t enjoy the jacuzzi. That might be harder than gagging all the time. Oh well, maybe next time.

    I hope the test comes out alright, and you get the results promptly, without too much hassling of the doctor, required.


    1. You’re hilarious! That should help you loads!

      Two more hours and this dammed tube is being evicted. I haven’t hurled still but lots of gagging. It’s been a crazy ride.

      I actually did figure out a way to use the jacuzzi tub safely not once but twice. Best ever choice. It helps with the stomach pain.

      I’ll be on the road home tubeless in a couple of hours! Weather is great.

      Thanks Tippster.

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      1. No it was off a flat bed truck. Actually there was more than one that hit. It’s the norm up here for everyone to have broken windshields. I said to Hubby before we left that the one reason I didn’t want to take my new to us car was for that reason. I didn’t want a broken windshield. We made it all the way there without but on the way back…
        Right now they are not bad so we are going to get them fixed before they get bad.

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