4 thoughts on “Tests Coming up Soon & I’m Scared | New Tattoo

  1. I’ve had the experience of being “sprayed” by an ENT doctor. They sprayed a numbing substance up my nose, then put a probe up there. I think that took a lot of the discomfort away, but it was still somewhat uncomfortable. But it was bearable.

    Congrats on getting a permanent handicapped placard. My wife is in the process of trying to get one, herself, with the help of her lunkhead doctor. She has issues with her knees and hips, and has to walk with a cane.

    I hope the weather will be good next week, so that your drive to Edmonton will at least be a safe journey. Good luck with your test.

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    1. Ugh not fun! Was it the manometry test you got?
      Thank you. I expected some protesting but surprisingly I didn’t get any. I just said that I can’t trust my joints. Meaning that I can’t trust them not to give out. He asked if I used a walking aid which he should know by now that I do but I said yes and he filled out the paperwork. It will be nice not to have to ask him for them anymore. I hope that your wife can get one. These docs are tough.

      So far the weather is supposed to be nice. Fingers crossed that the forecast stays that way because I don’t need the stress of bad weather on top of everything else. I’ve had to allow myself to be in excruciating pain now for a few days and it’s been brutal. Traveling that way with no food or water allowed an likely very little sleep is enough.

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      1. No, it was for sinus issues I had many years ago.

        I hope she gets the placard, also. She needs it. She just fell today, in the livingroom. She has bad hips that make her clumsy, so she has a tendency to fall.

        Good, I’m glad that the weather is holding out. At least you’ll have that going for you. And hopefully it’s a scenic drive to Edmonton.


  2. Ohhh sinus’ fun.

    Really sorry to hear that your wife fell. Is she okay?!

    I just told the doc that I didn’t trust my joints. Maybe that would help her?

    Yes fingers crossed with the weather!


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