4 thoughts on “A Little Hope & Kindness

    1. Well I’m not sure if it was the nurse or not but I did get a call back today and I went in to fill out all the paperwork. I messaged the nurse to say that I didn’t know if she worked her magic or not but I got a call back and thanked her. She didn’t tell whether she did. I also have the appointment booked for the test I need. It’s 6 months away. Now I’ve started the process of trying to contact them to see if it can be moved up and ask some questions. Dr. told me it would be a 24 hour test. The paperwork is saying a 90 min. test so now I need to know what the hell is going on with that so I know how to plan. Ugh! If it’s only a 90 min. test Hubby will only need a day off work. If it’s a 24 hr. thing then he will need three days.
      They also have it booked at 11 am. That means we’d have to be up by 4 at latest to get there on time. It’s crazy. With bad health that doesn’t work well at all for me, especially if we’re doing a round trip.

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      1. That’s a big difference, between 90 minutes and 24 hours. I can see why you’d want some clarification. Getting up at 4 am and driving 5 hours doesn’t sound like fun. At least it would be in the summertime.

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      2. Especially in excruciating pain. I’m just leaving it alone at 90 mins. He already has the three other tests from me that tell him the surgery is necessary. I just did an update video.

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