17 thoughts on “Surgical Consult Update|Rheumie Update|Good News & Bad News

  1. A tube in your stomach, taped to your face for 24 hrs? That doesn’t sound like a test, it sounds like some sort of macabre torture.

    I can’t get over how long it takes to have a medical procedure in your country. I’m surprised there are any Canadians still alive, with a medical system that slow. It’s no wonder you’ve had your health issues for so long.

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    1. It’s going to be nuts. They stuff it in through your nose. Your not supposed to gag or hurl. Good times.

      I know it think it’s absolutely insane the wait times. Like I said in my video apprently Covid is the only deadly illness that exists now.
      Screw anyone else suffering or dying.
      It was bad before Covid now Covid gives them more of an excuse.

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      1. I don’t see how Covid can give them an excuse. I think I got my heart surgery so quickly because many people are afraid to have medical procedures done on them during the pandemic. So my wait in line was short. In fact I asked a nurse if he was getting a lot of hours and he said, no, that it was very slow, and so he had to volunteer on the Covid side of the hospital to get any hours.

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      2. Wow! I wish it was like that here. Also there’s an extreme shortage of docs. As you know most specialists are in Edmonton. If only the majority of docs we did have treated their patients well.

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    2. Yes, I so agree about trying to wrap my mind around how long it takes for surgical procedures to be done in Canada. I guess we are just really spoiled here! Plus having to drive so long to see a specialist!
      Sorry CP., you need to move to America. 🙂
      And you got (((hugs)) through my email but I will send you another one for having to put up with all of this!!

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      1. Awe thank you. Update. I called the office back today to find out if they’ll book me for surgery since it’s such a long wait. They got mixed up where I lived and thought I lived out of town. Like seriously?! Then they ask me if I’d go out of town to get the surgery done sooner. I said no I can’t travel. So now they are again talking to the surgeon and said they “will call me back.” It’s insane. I think I’ll be able to be booked ahead though. That will get me on the two year wait list. We’ll see if they actually call me back.


      2. There is some hope. Still a long wait and no guarantee that it will stop the pain. The test I have to have will determine if the pain is caused by spasms. If it is, then the surgery won’t help that but it will repair the gerd and hernia.


      3. Meds I probably won’t be able to take. He said a blood pressure med is one they use to treat it. I’m already on one that drops my pressure too low. I’m on it for my kidneys. It’s not something I can go without. Nitro is another way, well that will also mess with my heart/blood pressure. I’m not sure what other med. I heard rumours of amitriptyline which there are lawsuits about right now as it causes eye damage. I was on it years ago for my bladder and now I wonder if the problems with my eyesight are as a result of being on that. Ugh!

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      4. UGH is right!! Meds are such a blessing and a curse. For yes there are some that definitely help and I am very grateful for and then others where the side effects can outweigh the benefits!
        Continued prayers! and here’s some more wine! I don’t think Tippy is watching. 🙂

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