Unbearable Pain

One thing I forgot to mention in the video was that this surgery I’m facing is known to damage the vagus nerve. That is scary. If that happens I’ll never eat the same again and I would likely have gastroparesis. I will make sure the surgeon knows to look out for that if I have this surgery.

11 thoughts on “Unbearable Pain

  1. This sounds like a brutal surgery, and very scary. I watched your video with great interest, because my wife has GERD and it affects her pretty badly. I’m hoping she’ll never need such surgery.

    Maybe it’s the medications. I think a lot of medications cause digestive issues, as well as discomfort and pain.

    Of course, if you need the surgery, then you need it, and I hope you’ll get it without too much delay.

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    1. Sorry your wife has it too. Has she had an endoscopy done? I can cause cancer if it goes untreated and it’s bad. One thing I forgot to mention with this surgery is the danger of them damaging your vagus nerve that would cause gasteroperisis. A nightmare in and of itself. I will be making sure the surgeon knows about that. Yeah all the horror stories I’ve heard are scaring me. Dumping syndrome, terrible pain, there’s so many. Having to have a redo. People who’s lives have been ruined by the surgery mainly vagus nerve damage and docs don’t take responsibility for that.
      That being said I’m told by a few that the ones who have success are off living their lives and not on the site looking for answers. At least I’m well educated on it. How is your wife coping with it? No meds worked for me.

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      1. No, she hasn’t had an endoscopy. She had gastric bypass surgery about 20 or so years ago, so I don’t think she’d do well with an endoscopy.

        You did mention the gastroparesis. I had to look that term up.

        As for how my wife is coping, you might not want to hear the answer. In fact, she felt a little hesitant and sheepish to tell me how she copes. For years I’ve told her that coffee is poison, and she has scoffed at that, like everyone else does. But a few weeks ago she tried abstaining from coffee, and she’s only had one GERD incident since. Usually she gets them nearly every night.

        But maybe that has something to do with her gastric bypass surgery. I’m no doctor. But coffee is poison.

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      2. Oh sorry you had to look it up. It’s horrible, Hahaha you are right (Dammit) coffee is bad for gerd. I have one cup in the morning and it hurts but I need it to wake up. That’s the only caffeine I ever have though as caffeine causes seizures. So has your wife sworn off coffee now? I emailed you.

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      3. She was only drinking one cup a day, also, but apparently that was all it took. She’s switched to green tea, but maintains that once in a while she’s going to treat herself to a cup of specialty coffee.

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  2. Prayers and hoping that if the surgery does happen that you won’t have horrible side effects with it! That all will go well and that you won’t have to wait long for the surgery! (((HUGS)))) my friend!!!

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    1. Thank you! My biggest fears are not being able to throw up as I always throw up coming out of surgery and it will damage the surgery. Also if they damage the vagus nerve I’d be screwed. I guess Tues. I’ll know what’s next. Monday I’m guessing the Rheumie will take me off the meds helping my RA. I wish I could ditch her but she’s all I have for now.

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