4 thoughts on “A Surgical Consult

  1. Wow, that surgery sounds scary. It sounds a lot like bariatric surgery. And you look skinny to me, so maybe you need to put on some more pounds before going through all that. I can understand your anxiety about the surgery. Your body is going to be put through a lot.

    Why do people in your area have such a long wait for medical care? Is it because of Covid restrictions, or the remote area you live in? Or is it your wonky healthcare system?

    I love the colors in that art piece above your couch.

    Has the vaccine come to Canada yet? Are you going to get it?

    We have a Christmas curfew also, but we’re saying to hell with it. We’ll be having a friend, and my sister over for Christmas dinner. Wait, did I say that? No we’re not doing that. And please don’t tell our governor.

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    1. Yeah it’s worrying hubby big time. Me too but I can’t continue to live in the pain I’m in now either.
      It’s mostly our wonky Healthcare system. It was pretty bad before covid the wait times too now they have covid as another excuse.
      Thank you. I made that art piece. 😉
      I think the vaccine is here and no way in hell I’m going to have it. Ever if I can help it. Right now they’re not even sure it’s safe for immune suppressed people.
      Have a great Christmas with the family you’re not having over!

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      1. And to think, there are many in the USA who want a healthcare system just like Canada’s.

        It’s a beautiful art piece, in my view.

        I saw a video of a nurse this morning, who got the vaccine, then stood in front of TV reporters to tell everyone just how safe the vaccine is. In the middle of her little press conference, she passed out, just 17 minutes after getting the shot.

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