12 thoughts on “Good News & Bad News

  1. I like that technique of asking the nurse how to talk to the doctor. She would probably know better than the patients, since she has to deal with him every day. And her advice seemed to work. That’s great.

    Surgery doesn’t sound like much fun, but at least it may offer you some hope of being free from pain. I hope you can have it soon, and not have to wait for your lockdown to end.

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    1. Yes my therapist suggested that. She really was good. She was whispering things to me. lol No from what I’ve read it a very difficult painful surgery that entails a hospital stay. I wouldn’t be eating any solid food for a time.

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      1. That and protein shakes. I’ll be asking him to deal with the hernia and check for abdominal adhesions while he’s in there anyway. Kind of scary but if it all takes care of the horrible pain I’ve been living with for a few years now, I think/hope it will be worth it.

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