4 thoughts on “Test results| More Tests Next Monday| Catching the Dr. in Lie

  1. Happy birthday!

    The pre-visit anxiety is something I can relate to. I always feel nervous before seeing a doctor.

    I’m glad your biopsy came out negative. Hooray!

    I think it’s inexcusable for a doctor not to read your chart. I’d change doctors, but if I couldn’t I’d file a complaint every single frickin day against this guy, until I got answers. I’d just throw a big fucking fit with the medical system.

    But maybe now you’re going to get what you need. Let’s hope so.

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    1. Thank you! And it is good news! I wish I could report him but I’d get black listed. There are really no other better choices or maybe no choices up here. It’s so frustrating. I’m worried if this next test on Monday shows something that he’ll again tell me there’s nothing. This time I won’t have any info to go in with ahead of time. Ugh it’s so disheartening. Sorry you deal with white coat syndrome too! It’s sucks.

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      1. I hope we don’t get socialized medicine. It sounds like it sucks.

        White coat syndrome seems about right. I’ll check my bp before a doctor’s visit, and it might me around 105. But when they check it at the doctor’s office, it’s about 140. Either somebody’s bp machine needs calibrating, or I’ve got a serious case of the yips.

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