12 thoughts on “Feeling Bummed|Covid

  1. I like your house and neighborhood. Looks beautiful.
    Sorry you’re having such a bad day, and are in so much pain.
    A one-year wait just to consult with a doctor? That’s utterly ridiculous. I agree that the fear of Covid is probably killing more people than the virus itself.
    My wife and I coped with Covid last week by getting the hell out of Commie California, for a couple of days. We went to the casinos of Laughlin, Nevada, and the ghost town of Oatman, Arizona. It felt freeing to escape and take a small vacation away from our state, which has the most severe restrictions in the USA.
    Most of the tourists and shopkeepers at Oatman weren’t wearing masks. In fact, it seemed Covid restrictions were being ignored as if they didn’t exist. But they are a very independent and conservative people who live in that part of Arizona, so it’s probably a big challenge to gain compliance there.
    We took our masks off while there, and it felt kind of thrilling, walking through stores without a mask on. We were like badass outlaws, mingling with a rough crowd.
    I also do what you do, by avoiding the public service announcements and pro-restriction propaganda news stories and ads. It’s not always possible to avoid the brainwashing, but where I can, I do.
    I hope you get to feeling better.


    1. Thank you. We are grateful for our neighbourhood and new house for sure! Sounds like the best thing you could’ve done getting out of town and becoming badass outlaws! I love it! I think I need to do that. Thankfully the places I shop at don’t enforce masks. I don’t think we’re as strict up here as some places like where you are and in Ont. But yeah the stupid messages over the PA systems in some stores is crazy. So now my question is did you hit it big at the Casino’s?! If so, you know we’re best friends right? LOL Thanks so much. I wish the damn stomach pain would stop for good! When it hurts like this, it makes everything else harder to deal with.

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      1. That must be nice to live where the restrictions aren’t so severe. See, NA isn’t so bad, after all.

        I don’t gamble, but my wife came out a hundred dollars ahead. But sorry, she’s already spent it.

        Stomach pain sounds awful. And pain can be very distracting, so I can see why everything else would be hard to deal with.

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      2. It is. I actually can’t imagine living in Ontario or where you live right now with how strict things are. I guess there is some good about being up here right now!
        I hope she spent it on you! Sounds like you need to start gambling if not. lol

        It is hard to deal with thankfully this evening it’s eased up again. It’s so random.

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      3. She just confessed to me that she actually won $270.00. And she didn’t buy a dress with it, she bought a ring. That figures. But I don’t care, she can spend her money any way she wants.

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