6 thoughts on “New Addition|Actemera Update|Meds I’ve Been On

  1. I knew you were talking about your tattoo. It looks good, but I can tell there’s still some healing to be done yet.

    Side effects, damn those side effects! You can get a good drug that helps the primary condition, but causes too many other problems to be worth it. So frustrating.

    I’m glad you finally found a drug that seems to be working out well for you. I hope it continues to do so for a long time.

    Family docs don’t know squat, except about the most basic things, and how to refer to specialists.

    I’ve discovered the American Heart Association, in conjunction with the American College of Cardiology, has a very involved guideline I was able to download in PDF format, for the treatment of Afib. I’ve been studying the hell out of it, and coming up with a proposed treatment plan for my cardiologist.

    It’s a very eye-opening guideline, but complex and medically-languaged. So it takes some persistence to figure out. But I’m learning much more about my condition than I’ve ever learned from anything else I’ve ever read on Afib. Now I think I’ll be able to tell when my doctor knows what he’s doing and when he doesn’t. And I’ll have something to back me up, if he resists my ideas for my treatment.

    Perhaps there’s an RH society or something, that puts out something similar. Or have you already looked into that?

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    1. Heh heh. How did you know?! Yes it is definitely still healing and I don’t fancy the touch-ups to come at the moment. I’m wondering if it’s healing a bit slow because of the immune suppressants.

      Yes the side effects often suck and can be permanently damaging. Hence not being willing to ever take steroids.

      I will have to look into what you’re talking about. I should get involved with the Arthritis society here in Alberta somehow.

      That’s great that you’ve been able to educate yourself like you’re docs should be. We who live with these things tend to know best. Great that you are going with a back-up plan to be able to call your specialist out on crap if he’s full of it. Here’s hoping you get the treatment you need to bring relief on a more permanent basis.

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      1. Maybe check out the Arthritis society website. They could have some helpful info on pdf.

        Thanks. Yes, we who have a medical issue tend to be acutely aware of it, and how it affects us personally. Everyone is different so everyone can have different symptoms for the same thing. We know our bodies, and the ones of us with smartz know our medical condition, because we’ve educated ourselves.

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