12 thoughts on “The Cool Walking Aid I Use|Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis

  1. That crutch looks like a great invention, and I’m glad they have something like that available, for people in your condition. Leave it to you to have a Smartz Crutch.

    It’s been a bit warm out here lately, also. 101 F was our high today. I think that’s about 39 Canadian.

    So you pamper yourself by getting tattoos? That sounds like a painful way to pamper yourself. When will you have enough tattoos? Or do you plan to eventually be fully covered in ink?

    I take naps to pamper myself. It’s painless and very inexpensive. Sometimes I also buy tools, that make my life easier doing maintenance around this house.

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    1. They are awesome and I didn’t even think about the “smartz” part! Ahaha! Holy hotter than hell where you are geeze. I’d be staying inside that’s for sure.
      Tattoo’s can be painful but so worth it. I don’t know when I’ll have enough. I wish I knew. I know I’d like both arms covered. I already have a big one on my back. I’d like my ankles done which will probably lead up my legs. They’re additive. Right now I 6 in total so this next one will be 7. Naps are good but don’t lead to permanent art. lol
      What’s your favourite tool?

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      1. My favorite tool is anything cordless. I just got a cordless chainsaw, and it works great. No cord to mess with, nor cans of gas. I have a cordless drill and circular saw, also, and they’re real nice.

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  2. Hey Cranky,
    Love your awesome crutches. They match your shirt perfectly. Hope the new meds, whenever you start taking them, work for you without any tweaking. Also, thanks for showing your tats. Can you tell us about the new one yet? I wouldn’t even know what to get if I got one. I used to play with paint and stencils and would love to get back into doing that. Money’s tight, though. So I get a Berry Lime Sublime smoothie from Jamba Juice once a week. Matter of fact, my husband’s on the way home with it now! Other than that, I get my Xolair shots for hives every other week. That’s where my money is spent other than the grocery store! Hope you have a lovely rest of the weekend. I read your stories about working with those with dementia. Wow, woman! You definitely have some stories to tell! I couldn’t stop reading! Take care and until next time, TTFN, Mona

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    1. Hey WWS! Thank you so much! I haven’t got the new one yet. I have yet to book for it. I’m still saving for a bit longer. I can tell you it will in part be an abstract skull with some flowers. That’s so cool that you played with paint and stencils! I hope you do get back to doing it! Yum Berry Lime sounds really good and a great treat! What causes hives for you?
      Thank you. I really appreciate that. It was a very interesting job. I used to be a hairstylist too and could tell some stories there. I guess I do have some stories to tell. lol Hope your week is going well.

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      1. Apparently, living causes hives for me. They don’t know (idiopathic) other than my tryptase levels are high and remain high. They think I may have a condition called mastocytosis, which would require me to go to a oncologist for testing and official diagnosis. I have not the money for that. Also, I don’t want to hear bad news because I don’t do well with bad news. So, I’m like Schrodinger’s cat–both alive and dead inside the box. At the moment, I’m okay with that. Anyway, the Xolair shots help with both my severe asthma and it keeps the hives at bay. Thankfully! My upper arms have become pincushions, though. Small price to pay. Mona

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      2. Oh wow. Sorry to hear that. That’s an autoimmune disease and there are lots of meds like Humira that could probably help with that. I understand it being too costly though. I’m in Canada so we don’t have to pay for as much as you guys do there. A hard battle to fight though. I’m curious why they’d have to send you to an oncologist rather than a rheumatologist?

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  3. I’m not positive, but I don’t think they consider this an autoimmune disease. They said that oncology isn’t just for cancer either. The oncologist would be the one to perform and diagnose whether or not I had mastocytosis. The allergist said since I was so freaked out about it, we’d reconsider in six months. However that was before Covid. So I’m not pushing anything. At least with the Xolair, I don’t get hives. That’s why I went there to begin with, to deal with hives. So I know I’m being stubborn, but I think it’s for the best that I should leave things as they are for now. Mona

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