Nerve Damage Update

It’s been a while. As you can tell I blog in spurts. Sometimes I have lots to say and other times it’s just the same old.

Very recently I finally had the physiotherapist come in. She gave me more answers then all the docs and specialists I’ve seen as of late put together.

I even got test results from years back.

To start with though the nerve damage..She said where the damage is on my thigh can come from near my kidney. Go figure. She thinks that they irritated or nicked a nerve during the biopsy. Hmm…isn’t that what I’ve been asking all the docs since it happened? I’m so grateful she gave me answers. She said she believes it’s surface nerves because I don’t have weakness when I walk. I did the first three days but that eased up.

So it’s basically what I was told by the E.R. doc. It will take a long time to get the feeling back. The nerve regenerates at a mind numbing speed of 1 cm every 48 hours. Wow that’s well ummm…slow.

I’m to stimulate the numb area with different textures to help awaken the nerves. Ouch. Around the numb area is where the nerve pain is. Speaking of nerve pain it hurts still but only when touched and or stimulated with different textures. It’s not crippling me at least.

That aside I’m riddled with osteoarthritis. The Physiotherapist said I have older bones then my age. Go me! That’s on top of the lupus and RA and or MCTD. Which ever the rheumie decides I have on a given day. The therapist gave me some exercises to help with my back pain/injury. And I forgot she told me she thinks that when I hurt my back what happened is I likely tore scar tissue. So another answer the docs didn’t give me. And contrary to what the neurologist said. (That I couldn’t injure myself that bad by just pulling my boot off) the therapist said it can happen even with the slightest move. I’m thinking physiotherapists know more then docs. Things that make you go “Hmmm….”

The Humira I’m on is helping with pain. I know this as it starts to wear off about 10 days after I’ve taken it. As much as I don’t like it wearing off, I’m glad to be aware of the difference it’s making.

It’s usually really hard to tell. You always have pain and you often don’t know if it would be much worse off the meds, so with it wearing off before my next dose I know it’s helping.

I hope that it keeps helping.

How are all of you doing? Are you ready for Christmas? Do you dread it? More so the social obligations? Thankfully we don’t have any and we like it that way. It’s actually mostly a restful time for us. Mr. CrankyPants takes some of his holiday time over Christmas so he has 12 days off. We look forward to that.

If I don’t get to blogging again before Christmas. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Also some low pain days!

Christmas Lights & Turkey Dinners,




4 thoughts on “Nerve Damage Update

  1. So you need to stimulate your skin with different textures? You can roll around in Cheezit crumbs. Then you can put on a pair of corduroy pants, inside-out. Or you can wear scratchy wool-flannel one day, and then smooth silk the next. Dr. Tippy has all the answers.

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