I’m a CrankyPants…

If you’re not interested in hearing a vent stop reading here. Just so you’re warned. There may be cursing. Zero politeness.

I’m fucking sick of the medical world passing the buck. I came out of the biopsy with a nerve injury and serious nerve pain to go with it. Not to mention part of my thigh and groin are completely numb.

I saw the ER doc who consulted the Nephrologist. They tested for any kidney issues like a bleed and when there wasn’t any, they passed me off to my useless GP. He gave me nerve pain meds which I’m too scared to take as you have to be weaned off of them, Then he sent me on my way with no answers.

Then I talked to the Nephrologist again who said I need to contact my Neurologist. I did. It took two calls and three days to finally have her contact me. She is refusing to do anything to help me with this nerve injury. I asked for a cat scan or an MRI. She said I could ask my GP. I told her again I’d already seen him and he didn’t offer. She said I could ask my GP. I said I can’t get physio until I know what’s wrong. She told me get physio. Umm….Did she not just hear what I said?!

She didn’t know that I already knew my MRI results regarding MS testing. She told me that’s all normal. She said I have degenerative arthritis in my neck with some bulging discs but it’s mild. It doesn’t fucking feel mild. She said it like it meant nothing. I guess because someone else in her care living in that kind of pain doesn’t matter to her. I pretended I didn’t already know about the arthritis. Well I didn’t know about the bulging discs. I asked her what about the tremor and weakness in my arm. She said it’s in my head. I’d heard that from her before and didn’t like her for that but I wanted to like her so I pushed it out of the front of my mind. I just remembered she doesn’t think the nerve thing was caused by the biopsy. Well then what the hell is going on or is that in my head too?

When she said it today it was the straw that broke the camels back. I’m bummed. She also says I don’t need to see her anymore since my MRI was clear. I’ve been ditched with a nerve injury and zero answers from the 4 doctors I’ve seen. Not one has offered to investigate or take responsibility for this.

I’m just fucking done.

I’ll call in the physio therapist in hopes I might get some help there. I can’t just live with this pain and numbness. I’ve had this physio in before when I had a problem with my shoulder. She often stood me up for my appointment or was running really late and never let me know until she was already like a half hour late. This time I’m going to tell her if she can’t come let me know. If she’s running late let me know. I have a schedule to keep too.

I wonder how many people are dying because the medical system is a money system now. They don’t give a shit about the sick people they vowed to “Do No Harm” too.

I’m fucking done.

Sunshine & Rainbows,


10 thoughts on “I’m a CrankyPants…

  1. How maddening. Seems like they’ve used you and abused you. I suspect that if the answer to a medical problem isn’t obvious, there won’t be much of an answer given. Doctors don’t like to solve difficult mysteries. There’s probably not much money in it.

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    1. It’s so disheartening. It’s hard to take this pain. A lot of pain I can mind over matter, this I can’t very well. I don’t think Docs like to Dr. anymore they just like to dollar sign. How are you feeling?


  2. Pain is hell. I’m not doing well, myself. On Monday my neck and shoulder went out, and I’ve been stiff and in pain since. The last time this happened it was a herniated disc in my neck. Nothing can be done except to just give it time and wait to get better. I’m avoiding doctors, which I’m sure you’re understanding of these days. But if it’s not better by next week I might have to go to my sawbones and get some pain meds or something.

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    1. Oh no Tippy that’s not good. I know how painful that can be. Sorry you’re suffering. I hope that it eases up for you but if it doesn’t the cough doc will give you something to bring relief. You’re right. Pain is hell.

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  3. Arggggghhh!! The f*?£@”!!!
    I’m so sorry you’re going through all of this, I feel your frustration. I’ve been at this point before and hit the wall again the other day with this sort of stupidity where you get fobbed off or told something completely wrong and it’s incredibly disheartening. I’m not sure what to say. Vent, rant, get it all out. This isn’t the end of the road. Even though you think it is now and you want to call it quits with these people. It’s disgusting because they’re paid to help patients, yet all too often they pass the buck or make errors or simply don’t help because they get a clear result on something and think you’re ‘fine’ when clearly you’re not. Take a breather and distract your brain this weekend while you regroup, because the stress of this stuff gets too much.xxxxxx

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    1. Thank you so much. I’m sorry you’ve experienced it too. It’s partially the nerve pain talking as it’s unbearable often. I did forget to mention the doc has me on a blood pressure med to see if they can get the blood and protein leak under control. That med has helped my raynauds too. Just no one owning up to the never pain and damage I now live with and no one being will to do testing so I know what’s wrong and what I can and can’t do is very frustrating. I hope you’re able to find the help you’re needing too. Sending love your way.

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  4. I completely understand your frustrations! I have found the medical world to be useless and full of idiots. It seems like all doctors care about now is money, which means push patients out the door as fast as they can.
    I am terribly sorry for all you are going through and sincerely hope things get better very soon! Lots of love!

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