The Madness Continues Part Two…

I left off with finally being home, having a three hour nap and waking up to my thigh being numb and having excruciating nerve pain. Part one HERE if you missed it.

At first I thought that maybe I just slept funny but when I went to sit up the pain hit so hard I screamed and hit the pillow.

I waited a bit to wake up some more and figure out if this was going to pass or not. It didn’t. So I put a call in to the Nephrologist’s nurse. She called back fairly quickly. She said she’d talk to the Dr. and get back to me the next day. I was kind of thinking maybe just some swelling from the procedure might be pressing on a nerve. I should remind you here that I mentioned in my last post that my back injury felt worse as the freezing was coming out from the biopsy.

I need to mention here as well that I’m supposed to be completely resting for three days after this procedure. That did not happen and here’s why…

I got a call mid morning from said nurse. She told me that the Dr. said if it’s bad or get’s worse that I need to go back to the hospital.


I needed to go to the hospital. It was really bad. I didn’t have a way to get there. Mr. CrankyPants just could not take off anymore time. He’s in busy season at work not to mention he’s the sole provider.

I got a kind offer from a friend in town to take me to the hospital. I chose to go to the small town hospital rather then the bigger city one. The small town one is always much quicker to get in like almost immediate as opposed to an 8-12 hour wait at the bigger one. They are also much kinder Dr.’s and medical staff all around. The downfall is they don’t have some of the big equipment needed from some tests.

So instead of resting I’m crawling out of bed and getting ready to head to the hospital. Once there after being triaged, they told me that they were calling in the Dr. He wasn’t there. That’s the second time in two months they have had to call the Dr. in for me. The first time with my initial back injury.

After a short wait I was seen. The Dr. there and my Nephrologist wanted blood work done immediately as well as a urine sample. The sample part is no easy task for me with having a urostomy and having to be dehydrated to leave the house. Let’s just say that part took a long time.

They wanted to rule out a possible bleed and or infection. I have to say that I was getting good care. A big bleed would mean a blood transfusion and a small would mean watch it and make sure it dissipates on it’s own.

So those tests ruled out both of those so far. Then the Dr. said he figures that a nerve was nicked during the procedure. Oh man! That’s not the worst of it. He then gently tells me that nerve damage takes years to regenerate and this wasn’t going to be better anytime soon. I think I was numb at that point. The pain was so bad I couldn’t wrap my mind around now having to live with this crippling pain. And I mean crippling.

Then the Dr. tells me that he and the Nephrologist want me to get an ultrasound done to check on my kidneys. Guess what?

If you guessed that meant driving close to an hour to the hospital we chose not to go to, you’d be right. The kind Dr. though managed to get me in for one as soon as I could get there rather then waiting until the next day. My friend was more then willing to take me. I was so blessed.

So off we headed to the second hospital. It was a long and painful day and evening but I had no choice.

I got the ultrasound done and it was found to be normal. Then no one knew if I was supposed to head home or go back to the other hospital. Apparently I was supposed to know. After some calls I was told I could go home. Okay but one problem…

What now?

What has happened to me and where do I go from here? I can live with the numbness but not this pain.

I went home took pain killers and decided to call the Nephrologist in the am.

Am came and I called.

I was told from here I need to go see my useless family Dr. that this issue isn’t their department even though the issue was caused by their department.


That meant another trip into town and having to ask another friend for a ride there. My GP’s office squeezed me in as an emergency. Another friend was more then willing to take me and again I’m grateful for that! I forgot to add that with this pain I can’t drive.

So while I’m supposed to be resting, I’m yet again getting ready to leave for the Dr.’s.

We arrive at the Dr.’s office and it’s jam packed full. My jaw dropped and my heart sank. How am I going to sit there for any length of time in this kind of pain? The office was hot as hell with all the bodies filling it too.

We waited, and waited…

Finally my name was called by my GP’s nurse. She I have to say is amazing. She’s one of the reason’s I haven’t left my GP sooner. I talked to her about leaving, why and wanting all my medial records in hand. She was stunned the GP had treated me the way he had and was happy to oblige in getting my medical records ready. While talking to her my blood pressure was being tested. I didn’t notice. I forgot that was put on me.

She stopped dead and said my blood pressure is dangerously high and she was very worried. I asked her to let me try going to another place in my mind. (My happy place.) and then try again. We did that. It came down a bit but it was still very high. In this case it was somewhat of a good thing as it gave the Dr. a visual along with hardly being able to move of just how much pain that I was in.

My GP is fairly useless but actually showed some kindness as he could see the suffering. He scripted me Gabapentin for nerve pain and told me whatever is going on is in my L1 and L2 areas of my spine. Right where my back injury is.

What he didn’t tell me is what injury I have, how long it would take to recover from and or offer me any testing to find out what’s happened.


I’m home with this Gabapentin I’m concerned about taking as it’s not good for kidney’s and you have to be tapered off it. I have no idea what kind of damage I’m dealing with, and no tests on the horizon to find out.

I see my Nephrologist via Telehealth conference on Tues. to get my biopsy results. You bet I’ll be talking to her about all this as I’m somewhat crippled now. I’m considering talking to a lawyer at least for a free consultation to see whether this is something worth pursing.

This is life changing. It’s possible that the procedure triggered my back injury into an acute state, but even when it was acute before I’d never had numbness or nerve pain. The Nephrologist said she’d seen this kind of thing happen before where a nerve is nicked during the biopsy. There was never a warning given to me that this could be a risk. You’d think there should be when it can turn out this life altering.

I asked the nurse if the Radiologist who did my test is going to be informed of what happened. Her response was, “I don’t know.” Go figure.

So that’s where I am now. I went to town with Mr. CrankyPants yesterday while he got groceries just to get out of the house to do something non-medical. I couldn’t walk. I had to use the scooters in the store. I was still in unbearable pain by the end of the trip. It was still good to get out of the house.

I’ll update you all with my test results after I get them on Tuesday. And how the conversation about my injury goes. My friend who took me to the two hospital’s the other night is taking me to this appointment on Tues. I’ve invited her to sit in on the appointment. She thinks of questions I may not think of to ask. She’s also not afraid to speak up if it is necessary. She’s a good one to have in on this. She’s also battled some hard health issues including cancer herself and she worked in the medical system for years. I need her in on this with me.

To end on a positive note. I got my MRI results back when I saw my GP. It’s all clear, no MS showing. That is good news! I’d still like to know why I have a weak arm with a tremor though.  My tests almost always show up clear in the beginning even when there is something wrong so I’m not fully celebrating that yet. I do hope I’m okay in that way though.

Sunny Days & Ice Cream,