The Madness Continues…

I haven’t blogged since I had my biopsy. It’s been a very difficult journey and emotionally draining.

I was supposed to be admitted to the hospital the night before my trip via ambulance out of town. Everything changed just hours before I was to go.

I got a phone call and told that they didn’t have a bed for me and do I want to sleep at home and come in early in the am. I would then be picked up by the ambulance at 8:30 am. What?! I had a 5 hour journey, have to be there for noon. How will I make it if I’m only being picked up at 8:30??

They then informed me I was being flown. Being flown was good but last I heard I wasn’t so I was confused. Things changed and they didn’t tell me.

Anyway I agreed to sleep at home.

I get up at 5:30 am Monday morning and head into the hospital for 7:30. I arrive and no one knows what’s going on. No one knows where I’m supposed to go or if anything has been arranged. How scary and frustrating.

After a lot of scrambling they figure out who I am and where I’m supposed to go. I have a bed in the holding area to wait for pick up.

While waiting for pick up I was supposed to have blood work done. They forgot. So about a min. before the EMT’s arrive to pick me up I ask the nurse about the blood work. She’s like oh no I didn’t realize. Then I have the ambulance guys there waiting for me while I wait for the lab to come and take my blood. Sigh…

All that gets done and I’m finally taken for transport. The EMT’s are phenomenal.


I needed to have an I.V. put in. To make a long story short they struggled. Really struggled. After three blown veins I talked them into trying one more time. I wanted to be drugged. lol One of them agreed to try again. He finally got it in. He then told me he was new to doing this and it was his biggest fear having so much trouble. He had his nurse mother in his head very disappointed with him. I asked him why. He had just faced his biggest fear and succeeded. He should be proud. So a lot of blood and some very sore arms later I was finally drugged and happy to be.

Now we’re on the road to the airport. We get there and the plane is not ready for us and we’re already running late. They had to add more fuel since we also had to land part way and pick up a second patient. So two of us patients on stretchers on this plane.

We’re finally on our way and all is smooth sailing. Arriving at the airport, I’m picked up by two more EMT’s. One is harsh. I called him on it and learned it’s his culture. In his culture if a person is smiling they are considered insane. Wow! Anyway he smiled and became the nicest man ever. It was a good learning curve for me.

So now where at the out of town hospital. We get in and no one knows where I’m supposed to go. We are really late and we were sent all over the hospital, to different floors and back again. They finally figured it out.

So now I’m left in the care of a nurse and it’s time to get in a gown. It’s not long before I’m taken for the biopsy. I was terrified. Crying and shaking at this point. I’m also exhausted, hungry and dehydrated. I had to go without food or water.

I talked them into drugging me more before the biopsy. And then it’s done. I’m in recovery for a short time and wheeled to another floor.

On that floor I had a great nurse who took really good care of me. I was feeling pain pretty quickly and she was on top of it. I didn’t even have to ask. My back injury was hurting more then it had been too but I just pushed that off as the biopsy pain.

I had made and brought my own lunch with me and a good thing I did or I wouldn’t have had any food except a few arrow root cookies.

So all is pretty good until the second shift started and that awesome nurse went home.

Prior to her going home she had given me some IV morphine. Now I started to get nauseous.  Enter second shift who ignored my warnings that I was really sick.

By this time it was evening and no food offered and no water. First shift had given me Gingerale.

I should mention during all this my GP had already stood me up twice and my Nephrologist never showed up at all to check on me.

So back to being nauseous. I kept telling them I feel really sick. They didn’t listen.

Too add more to the madness the ambulance was scheduled to come and get me at 6:30 pm. They did not come. There were a lot of calls made and confusion going on again.

It’s now passed dinner time and later into the evening. Still no food and still sick.

Now the area I’m in is closing down and all the nurses left to another area and I was all alone with a call bell.

Still no food or water offered and still sick.

Then feeling sick went to I’m going to hurl now!  I called and I told those nurses off. I’m sick, it’s late, I haven’t been offered food or water. I’m in pain.

The nurse responded to me saying, “You could have asked.” I was mad at this point. I said I did ask and I did tell you I’m sick.

Finally scrambling again they give me IV Zofran that’s supposed to help with the sick. Then she gives me IV morphine. I asked if the Zofran would help with the morphine making me sick. She said yes. Okay fine.

I was told I get no dinner because I’m an outpatient but I could go to the cafeteria. This just after they told me not to get out of bed alone and being really sick.

So no food.

And the Zofran didn’t help much.

Now we’re at 10 pm and no ambulance dudes. The area I’m in is completely shut down now and the nurses are getting ready to go home.

10:30 pm the ambulance arrives. The said they were lost and looking for me all day. What? They were only scheduled for 6:30 pm. I don’t think that they were looking for me all day. And they could have called for directions which they’d already been given more then once. Anyway I’m finally wrapped up and wheeled to the ambulance.

Then from there I’m finally loaded on the plane. Still feeling very sick.

It’s not long before we’re off. By this time I had been asked by many staff if I’m being admitted to the hospital when I get back. Umm…I don’t know I thought that you’d know. No one knew.

So we’re in the air and I’m feeling sick but was able to sleep for some of the trip. I’m guessing about half way the turbulence got bad and was for the rest of the flight. I’m so glad I was drugged or I would have been freaking out.

Now the wheels are down and we’re headed in for a landing. I wake up and yell, that I’m going to be sick now!  Two attendants unbuckle their seat belts as fast as they can while I’m gagging. They grab a garbage can and get it under me just in the nick of time. I was violently hurling as we were coming in for a landing. Not too embarrassing at all.

So we finish with that and I’m taken off the plane to a bunch of ambulance peeps smiling. I looked at them and said you heard right?!

They laughed. They were great.

They take over to wheel me into the hospital. They again ask if I’m going home or staying. I have no idea. It’s 1:30 am by this time. I’ve hardly slept and still no food. I asked an ambulance dude for some saltine crackers to keep from getting sick again. He got a bunch.

Anyway after more confusion it was decided I was staying the night. I was relieved. I don’t think I could have handled another half hour drive home in a truck.

So I get set up in a bed in the holding area for the night.

Part way through I was in pain again. I asked the nurse for something. She had to page my doc to get me something. As usual my GP never responded to the page. So I went the rest of the night and into the morning in pain. I used the call bell in the am to ask what happened to getting something for pain. The nurse felt so bad that the Dr. hadn’t gotten back to her that she put herself on the line and told me to take one of the Perocette I had brought with me. Bless her.

A bit later I told her I hadn’t had any food in a very long time and I threw up whatever I had so could I get some breakfast. She said she had ordered me breakfast. Bless her again!

The doc was supposed to show up to discharge me. He didn’t. The nurse put in a call and the Dr. discharged me over the phone. Nice.

So I call Mr. CrankyPants from work to come and take me home. Yay I’m finally going home.

I got home, took my time unpacking all my stuff then went to bed and crashed for three sweet hours.

A small break before…

I wake up and my thigh is totally numb and I now have excruciating nerve pain. What the hell is happening now?!

This post is very long I know. So I will continue the rest of this story on the next post. It gets crazier.

Stop the madness & Sunny Days,


10 thoughts on “The Madness Continues…

  1. Holy crap what a medical nightmare! How on Earth can so many people be so incompetent at their jobs? That’s effing crazy. BTW what was the EMT’s culture that said smiling people are insane? Honestly most days I think they have the right idea! I’m sorry you had to go through this and that your “team” was more like a circular firing squad with you in the middle. I hope you are recovering only I know better and that you now have more damage than you did before (nerve damage from the biopsy). It’s so unfair. I do hope you get the result you want though. When are the results coming?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for saying that. Sometimes I wonder if I’m too hard on the medical system but I felt so abandoned I think is the word. Things should have been more in place and they shouldn’t have had to ask me what’s going on next. It really was crazy. Yes nerve damage and so much pain. It’s pretty much crippled me. How are you doing?


      1. I’m so sorry your pain is worse. Your story illustrates why I won’t have anything to do with Western medicine from now on if I can help it. Crohn’s is a progressive disease even without doctors and their poison drugs, invasive procedures and incompetence making me even worse. I have been in a pretty bad flare the last week or so. I forgot how disabling this condition can be since I am so sick anyway even when I’m not totally inflamed. Yeah things can definitely get worse! I’ve just been resting and feeling grateful I have access to pain relief for now. I hate this disease and I am so over being sick. I hope your nerve pain dissipates and that you at least get back to where you were before. It’s easy to forget how bad acute pain is when you’ve been in chronic pain for so long but acute pain adds another layer of suffering and disability. The whole thing is truly frightening.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh Canna I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been in an acute flare. It’s so awful. I’m glad to hear that you have some level of pain relief. I hope that the flare eases up. It is so true that we don’t realize how much pain we are in sometimes since we live with it daily. And then when acute hits, it would put most in the hospital but we have to go on as if we are healthy. When Mr. CrankyPants is at work. I’m it for laundry, dishes, dog care, dinner…ect..If I don’t do it, no there’s no one else to do it. I’m with you. Sick of being sick.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahaha! I wonder why that would be. No the numbness and pain is really bad. I went out with Mr. CrankyPants today while he grocery shopped. I had to use the scooters at the stores. I’ve never been more thankful for them as they allowed me to tag along. Towards the end of our shopping I was shaking with the pain. I’m wondering if I should sue, but then I wonder if it would be worth my while. How are you?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m getting better from my sinus infection. Today’s the first day I felt like I had any energy in a couple of weeks. But today I twisted my knee. Not bad, but I’m gimping around a little. Just a sign of old age, I guess.

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      2. Well good with the sinus infection but you apparently didn’t follow Dr. Gibber’s instructions to stay in your lazy boy chair and be waited on hand and foot. Now you might need to eat (God forbid) and apple to help fix your knee.
        Sorry you injured it. I hope it heals quickly. While you’re injured it’s a good time to milk it. LOL

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Eugh what a nightmare! I’m glad everyone unbuckled to grab the garbage can in time for your upchucking. Also glad you eventually managed to get a few nice people, like the dude getting you crackers and then the nurse towards the end. You don’t do anything by halves, do you? Seriously though, sounds like quite the traumatic experience – I hope you’re okay…xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so grateful for the kindnesses. The first nurse after my biopsy was amazing too. No I never seem to get away with with half anything. LOL It has been traumatic. I’m just starting to relive it now that things have calmed down a bit. Wait until you read the second part. LOL

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