A Rock in my Boot…

First I want to wish everyone in Canada a Happy Thanksgiving. I’m not honestly sure that I have any Canadian followers. If I do, I hope you had a great holiday weekend.

My weekend went well until today (This afternoon). Oct.8/18.

Mr. CrankyPants and I slept in a bit and then spent our morning preparing our turkey and all the trimmings. Then of course a nap came in for me. I’m all about the naps.

We had decided that even though it was cold and snowy we wanted to go for a walk in our conservation area. That place is solace to us in our very stressful chaotic lives.

So we got the pooch ready and we headed off to the park.

I was really looking forward to the walk before having that fabulous turkey dinner waiting for us at home.

When we arrived. We leashed up the dog and walked about 20 steps. I had a rock in my boot. I went to pull my boot off to ditch said rock and boom it happened…

I felt something crunch in my back and then excruciating pain hit. I couldn’t walk or stand.

Mr. CrankyPants is trying to hold on to me while dealing with our pooping dog. (Talk about timing).

I was in tears at this point and trying to figure out whether the pain would pass or not. I think there was some shock going on too.

He asked me if I want to go home. I said no, just take me back to the truck and I’ll wait there while you walk. I did not want to ruin this for him and poopy pants.


It became evident very quickly that this was serious. I couldn’t even get to the truck.

About this time a brave fall camper happened by. He saw that something was very wrong and came over. This camper was I would guess in his 70’s. Would you believe he and Mr. CrankyPants together carried me back to our truck. Talk about wonderful kindness.

I felt horrible for both wrecking the walk and needing a 70 year old to help carry me crying to our truck. Man the guilt.

Anyway, we did not go home. Well we did, to drop off the dog and get my health card.

Then we headed straight to the hospital. One of the small towns near by has a small hospital and the best care. It’s usually much quicker then our big hospital in the main city. And by much quicker, I mean 8 hours or more quicker with wait times.

When we arrived I got out of the truck still in some shock with the pain and I tried to walk.

That was a no go.

Mr. CrankyPants grabbed a wheelchair and took me in. Not only was I taken through triage immediately but, I went straight to a trauma room. The Dr. wasn’t at the hospital but came in to see me and thankfully one other patient, so I didn’t feel like I was the only reason he was pulled away from his holiday.

Doc checked me over while I was still sitting in the wheelchair and decided to order x-rays to rule out a fracture.

I was given a Torodal shot which technically I’m not supposed to have, but the doc felt in this case it was the lesser of the two evils. I have a lot of medication allergies and this wasn’t one.

Those needles can hurt. I feel like I’ve been punched in the arm.

Then it was off to wait for x-rays. Holy crap on a cracker getting up on the x-ray table and positioned had me in tears all over again. I should stop here and say the tech, the doc and the whole staff were amazing. That helps a lot.

So the good news is there was no fracture. Bad news is he thinks I may have slipped a disc. I also have degenerative disc disease ( which I think is Osteo. If so I knew that. If not add another painful medical thing) and I have scoliosis. I already knew that. Funny how that hasn’t been mentioned by any other docs through out this whole disease process in the last few years though.

This Dr. could see how much I was suffering, and that the Toradol did not touch the pain as I warned him it wouldn’t. He graciously offered to give me another punch in the other arm in the form of a morphine shot. I gladly accepted. I didn’t see any other way that I would be able to get into our truck, or walk into our home with way too many steps.

I’m home now with instructions to take extra Percocette (Aka more then my norm). I’m to take muscle relaxants 3x a day and follow up with my GP in a couple of days to let him know what happened and get a bigger pain killer script. I can’t see how the follow up is going to happen given I can’t drive myself right now, and my other half has to work. My other half is going to let his work know what happened so if I need help at home he can come home. Looking after our very needy stubborn dog is a challenge on an average day, let alone with this going on.

Doc said I should do some moving around so as not to end up with blood clots and atrophy.

I will be very drugged up for the next few days, although that will knock me out it will also help me move a bit. When I do walk my whole body shakes and my teeth chatter. I don’t know if that’s from the pain or what. It’s weird.

I’ve had some pretty bad back pain for quite a few years now but this trumps it all at the moment.

I was so scared. Scared of how I was going to do anything much on my own. I guess you just do what you have to when there isn’t a choice.

I’m going to have to stay on top of the pain since I can hardly move with the painkillers.

Despite it all, I’m grateful that:

  • A senior stranger in the park was willing to help carry me to our truck.
  • I was seen immediately at the hospital
  • Doc and tech both came in on their holiday to look after me
  • All medical staff was kind
  • They believed I was truly in pain and not just drug seeking
  • They gave me that morphine punch which helped get me home
  • Mr. CrankyPants took me to the hospital
  • We had our Turkey dinner all made ahead of time
  • We came home to a yummy turkey dinner
  • The morphine lasted long enough that I was able to eat our dinner at the table,and then get set up on the couch for the evening
  • My back isn’t fractured
  • I won’t have to cook for the next week since we have a ton of turkey dinner to eat up
  • So much good can be found in bad situations

I don’t know how long this is going to take to recover from and that worries me, but I guess I just have to take one moment/day at a time.

And that’s my Thanksgiving story. My operation boot and rock removal, ended as operation walk removal.

Better Days & Sunny Skies,





10 thoughts on “A Rock in my Boot…

  1. That must have been some big rock, to cause all that. At least you got the morphine quick. When I had my kidney stone, I was in so much pain I was cursing loudly. The staff threatened to get the police on me, due to my cursing, so I guess they thought I was a drug seeker. But finally they gave me the blessed pain killer.

    Looks like I finally figured out how to sign up for your secret blog. WP doesn’t make it easy, at least not in my case. Either that or my brain doesn’t make it easy.

    Take care of that rickety back! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahaha! It wasn’t the rock that got me, it was trying to pull off my boot. Such a fluke. I’ve heard that kidney stone pain is as bad as child birth pain. You’d think they’d know that and get you something immediately. I’d be cursing too. There were a few curse words trying to get up on the x-ray table.
      And yay you’re finally in!! I’ll bet it was your brain. lol
      Yesterday was up only for a few mins. a couple of times. In the am I almost passed out few times so Mr. CrankyPants came home to help me for the day thankfully. Today I talked Mr. CrankyPants into taking our dog to work with him and letting him chill in his bed in the truck for the day. I can’t even tell you how wonderful it is to not have to deal with him today. I’ve been moving better and more. I got dishes and a light load of laundry done. Now I’ve taken a pain killer and I’m pretty sore. I’m just trying to work out where my limit is as it improves.


  2. Firstly, happy (rather belated) Thanksgiving! And secondly, ouch! I’m so sorry you had to go through all of that. I’m glad at least you had some good staff on hand with your X-rays and that there was no fracture, but with a slipped disc, especially on top of the other issues you already have in this area, it’s no wonder you were in such agony. You are amazing for still being able to list the things you’re grateful for at the moment considering how much you’re suffering. I hope you can rest up (with a little movement as per the doctor’s orders of course), that pain relief helps and that you’re on the mend from this current even asap. After that, no more slipped discs! Sending very gentle hugs and lots of positive wishes your way lovely xxxxx

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      1. Well, I’ve managed over a month without A&E now so I shouldn’t complain (but I will, because I’m so good at it!) Bit cranky myself with getting the flu this week – I only had the flu jab last week! Bleugh. Thank you for asking, that’s very kind 🙂 How’re you holding up this weekend? Do you still have enough turkey to keep you going? I do hope you’re okay, all things considered xxxxx

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh no the flu! That’s not good at all. I’d be cranky too. I hope you get some strength back quickly. I’m still in a lot of pain but I took my crutches and went out for short walk with Mr. CrankyPants today. It was a beautiful sunny fall morning and I needed to bust out of the house even if only for a short time, for my mental health. It won’t be long before winter comes and stays up here. We’ve already had quite a bit of snow on and off since Sept. I didn’t want to miss out on this nice snowless day. It was good to get some fresh air. I didn’t last long but at least I got out.
        Are you settled into your new place now?

        Liked by 1 person

  3. New place, like a new house? I think you may have got me mixed up with someone else as I’ve not moved (not that I wouldn’t like to!)
    It’s great you managed to get out, just a little air and nature can work wonders for your mental health and you’re right about trying to enjoy dry autumn days while you can. How is Mr CP doing?
    I hope this week is kind to you and that the pain eases off a little more.xx

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    1. Oh shoot sorry. I probably did. Have you seen my brain? I think it’s gone missing. lol Mr. CP is okay. He’s finding my illness hard and I feel for him.
      It was nice to get out. Tomorrow is my appointment with the nephrologist. I’m so freaked out. I saw on my chart she arragned the date of my biopsy but didn’t arrange the transportation that I can see. If she won’t have me admitted and transferred, I have no way to get there. I cried hard for the first time in a very long time tonight. It’s all just so overwhelming and too much to take. I’m so weary. My back injury is a bit better today but then another part of my back went into a terrible spasm out of nowhere, took my breath away and brought me to my knees. Now I get to drive a half hour with one part of my back in spasm, and the other part injured for this appointment tomorrow. I have no one to take me. I’m frustrated as I think the doc could have simply called me and talked with rather then forcing me in this shape to go to this appointment I’m scheduled for the biopsy one week from tomorrow. 7 am. I can’t get there for then. I have no idea what I’m going to do. I hope the doc does what she said she was going to do. Sorry. It’s been really rough.

      How are you doing?

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      1. I’m so sorry you’ve got appointments and travel to add to the list, you’re obviously already hurting and exhausted enough as it is. I do hope the appointment goes okay today. With the biopsy, is there any public transport, some way to speak to the hospital and ask if they can help or make the appointment later in the day..? I have tests in London next week, which is about 2.5hrs from me but you can’t drive there even if physical able to, it’s just ridiculous to drive into London. I can’t get the bus even though it’s cheaper because that takes over 3.5hrs (can’t sit that long, too much pain, and worried about lack of toilet with stoma), and train is nearly £200 because I’d have to leave so early in the morning. Stressing about it already, not sure what else to do. They don’t consider transport and how patients can struggle with it, do they?! Everything will be okay, hang on in there. Sending hugs xxxxxx

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      2. I’m sorry that you’re struggling too. I have a stoma as well. A urostomy and I have extreme frequency. My appointment went okay. Dr. is going to admit me to the hospital and transport me via ambulance. She was supposed to call back today with the time and day. She said she wanted it to be this Monday. I haven’t heard back from her. The one thing that stunned me is she’s not going to keep me overnight after the procedure, She’s sending home same day. So bad back, biopsy and 10 hours of trip. Last I talked to her about a biopsy a year ago she said she doesn’t send people home the same day when they travel from afar lest there are complications. I’m going to discuss that with her further when she calls. I truly think they forget we are ill. I hope you can find a way to get to your docs that doesn’t take too much of a tole on you. It’s so hard eh? Are you on FB? If so I have a support group on there. There are a few from the UK in it. You’re welcome to it if you’d like. The link is on my side bar. Hugs to you too! xo

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