I’m Livid…


Sept. 28/2018

So I’ve been waiting for a GI appointment for five months now. I was told five months ago that a referral had been sent.

I worked up the courage yesterday to call the GI’s office. They called me back this morning and told me that a referral had never been sent. All this time I’ve been waiting for a call about an appointment.

The specialist that did this has done this before. It’s not the first damn time. Not only that this is the same specialist that took me in a room shut the door and fondled me.

It’s why I asked for a referral to see a GI rather than have to go back to him again. Not that he ever told me I was supposed to follow up. I heard that from one of my specialists out of town.

The very first time I ever saw him, I thought he was great. He was the first one to diagnose me. After that, things went downhill. Four hour wait times past my appointment to see him, disappearing from the room in the middle of an appointment, treating me really bad just before I had my scopes done by him. Mr. CrankyPants was witness to that one. I had my scopes done after the incident as I hadn’t realized what happened wasn’t just an exam. It’s the scope situation and how bad he treated me that gave me the epiphany. You don’t always realize in the moment what’s happening. Call it freezing or shock. It’s hard to put into words. Your brain can’t wrap around the reality of what’s happening. Having been a sexual abuse survivor, my brain just couldn’t cope with it and when it was ready it hit hard.

Not returning phone messages. Or his staff didn’t answer at all. I had been in process of debating whether to report him for the fondling thing. The reason it’s been a tough decision is because it’s not likely much will be done and I’ll be the one going through hell after reporting it. If it does go anywhere, there could be a hearing. We plan to move out of province and if there’s a hearing I’d have to come back for it. The process can take up to a year.They would pay. You all know how hard travel is, not to mention the stress of a hearing. Even with a hearing, if they believe me there’s not much they will do. They’ll watch him but let him keep practicing.

After this and finding out he’s the reason my neighbour died. I’ve decided to report him. Maybe a mark on his record will be enough to stop him from doing it to someone else. Maybe there’s others like me who are too scared to report or have reported.

Really nice how the bad guy’s off the hook whilst their victims suffer basically for life. I already had a fear of Dr.’s that was pretty extreme for reasons I just can’t talk about right now.

Now this Dr. has made things all the worse.

I’m so very tired of fighting with our medical system. They are supposed to take care of us and have our best interests at heart. Sadly it’s very rarely the case anymore.

I’m weary.

Sometimes I feel like saying to hell with it all in regards to my lack of health and just let nature take it’s course. It seems the meds and the medical system are no better than the diseases.

Sorry guys, I’m just so livid today. They’ve pushed me too far.

To end on a positive note, the GI’s office was great. They very obviously dislike the doc that caused all this. They told me exactly what to do to get a referral quickly. I did that. They said they’ll wait for it and get me in asap and they apologized for the other Docs negligence. That was so welcomed in the moment.

I won’t say I didn’t cry with frustration. And I rarely cry.

What would you guys do re reporting or not? Would you get a Lawyer involved?

Rainbows & Sunshine,


6 thoughts on “I’m Livid…

  1. What benefits, if any, will you get if you get into see a GI? Will anything change if you get yet another diagnosis? I’m just asking. I think the urge to give up on Western medicine is legitimate and a bona fide survival urge/instinct. Maybe more people should follow their instincts in that area if they can. I’m sorry you keep being abused and victimized when you are already so sick. It makes me so angry.

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    1. Thanks you. Yes this GI has a very good reputation. She’s well loved and I at least need to know what the heck is going on. I don’t think some things showed up during my scopes because one of the big issues cleared up with Enbrel and I was on it during the time of my scope. I’m presently on a med so I can leave the house and no one is monitoring me on it. No one has told me if it’s safe to be on long term or if I will need it long term even though I’ve asked. My GP does nothing. So this Dr. I think is someone I will be able to trust, who will have my best interests at heart. She also supports Medical Marijauna so I can probably get a script through her. She’s definitely one I need to see. I wish I didn’t need any docs but that’s not my reality.

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  2. Jeees, no freaking wonder you’re living. I’ve had the same thing happen with referrals, being told they’d been done but never were… If it weren’t for us chasing things up we’d be none the wiser. But the rest of it, what you’ve been through and the utterly disgraceful, disgusting behaviour of this so-called ‘specialist’? It’s gobsmacking, and I can see that the decision to report him has been a very difficult one. For what it’s worth, I think you’ve done the right thing. I do find things like this so disheartening because victims and patients don’t want to report them as they know there’s a good chance nothing will be done or that it’ll come back to bite them rather than the one in the wrong, not necessarily, but it can happen and it’s obviously a worry. You’ve had so much to deal with and it’s not surprising you’re exhausted and at the end of your tether with it. Hang in there, you’ve got this far and, on the plus side, the GI’s office were a brighter moment, so all is not lost. You’ll get the referral done, the report submitted will play out whether there’s a hearing or not, I think you should be proud for doing it and taking a stand against what’s not right for yourself, but also for other patients who may have the misfortune of seeing him. Sending gentle hugs your way  ♥
    Caz xxxx


    1. Thank you very much. Would you believe I still haven’t got the referral. I called my GP’s office today to find out that they still hadn’t sent it. They are now. My GP’s nurse is pretty good and she said she’s going to force him to sit down and sign the referral today. I haven’t mailed the report of the other Dr. yet. I need to work through forgiving him first, so that no matter what does or doesn’t happen, I’ll be okay. Thank you so much for your support and kind words. How are you doing?

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      1. Wow… you really have to keep on top of people to do what they say they’re going to do! Will you be checking back in to make sure it’s been done by the end of the day as promised?
        You do whatever you have to do to work through your experiences, how you feel, then go from there. Just know we’ll all be here in support of whatever you do, whenever you do it.
        I’m ok thanks, considering I’ve not yet slept (pain all night kept me awake, but now it’s 8am the pain has actually lessened but I still can’t sleep!) Typical… 🙂
        Fingers are crossed that your referral definitely gets done today! xx

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