Hot damn the fatigue slammed me this past week. I always have some level of it but, this was way beyond that level. It was hard to function and hard to think but I had to anyway. I find when it’s this bad I get overwhelmed really easily. Anyone else? I usually have a number of people messaging or texting me throughout my days, and the phone going off all the time was driving me nuts.

It’s even harder when it’s happening while I’m trying to sleep. And with all that’s going on, I can’t really unplug.

I think and HOPE it’s lifted a little bit as of tonight but wow it’s debilitating.

I’m guessing I crashed from the insane busyness of the past couple of weeks but there wasn’t a choice.

It’s so hard having to function every day as though I’m not sick, when I’m sick.

When people get the flu it wipes them out and they go to bed, rest and recover.

Not only do we not get to go to bed, or rest, we never recover. It only gets worse and then we have to live as though we’re fine.

I don’t know about you guys, but when things get crazy busy for me, I usually get hit after the fact with a flare. I always have pain but I get hit with debilitating pain and fatigue.

Sometimes it’s so after the fact that I can’t even link it to any one thing.

There’s so much guilt attached to it too, but I’m learning to self talk myself out of that.

And this is part of why I’m a CrankyPants.

That’s all I have the energy to blog tonight. Stay tuned for more about a serious subject regarding the possibility of reporting a Dr.

How are all of you doing?

Rainbows & Sunshine,



25 thoughts on “Fatigue…

  1. Sounds like you’re pretty tired. I get that “after-the-fact” fatigue also. I could be doing great while engaged in some sort of activity. And then the next few days I’m dragging badly.

    So the ton of bricks has probably just hit you. I hope you can find a way to get some rest.

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  2. I totally understand how frustrating fatigue can be! This damn heat is not making it any better! I really hope you get some well deserved rest this weekend. I know you have been so busy and pushing yourself way too far! I believe I have already fussed at you about this and told you that breaks are a good thing! I hope you start feeling much more rested and better!!!

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    1. Sorry the heat is bothering you. It can be brutal. The worst of the fatigue has lifted. I had a restful day yesterday if I remember correctly. I hope that you’re getting some rest too. ❤

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      1. I am glad Mr. CrankyPants has a long weekend! It is crazy, I have to work Monday and Tuesday have Wednesday off for the holiday then work Thursday and Friday! I guess it breaks up the week though! I hope y’all enjoy your long weekend together!!

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  3. I’m sorry you find the same as I do – that sense of overwhelm, because we simply don’t have the resources to deal with things, and you’re right in saying this fatigue is debilitating. I also agree that many of us dealing with persistent fatigue and flare-ups don’t do what others do with something like a flu; we can’t stay in bed, we can’t rest all the time, we don’t simply ‘get over it’ after a week or so. It’s tough. I find it more frustrating than anything, knowing there are things I need to do and never being able to catch up, feeling like I can’t get on top of things and then paying for it when we’ve tried so hard to get through a difficult patch with a lot going on to deal with. Sending gentle hugs your way – you’ve worded this so well, I couldn’t have said it better. xx

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    1. Thank you very much. And I’m sorry that you battle it too. It’s so rough. I guess though when our bodies are constantly trying to kill us, it ‘s tiring. The guilt of feeling so tired is hard to deal with too. ❤

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