Time. What’s that?! If anyone knows, let me know.

Things have been so incredibly busy I think that I’m in survival mode. We have spent the last few months tearing first our bathrooms and kitchen apart to have new counter tops installed. We finished that got it all put back together and thought we could breath. You see, we’ve been getting our house ready to sell.

Once the counter tops where in and I had done a ton of painting in other areas of our house, we called the real estate agent to come in. The night before she was do to come, I was doing some “touch up” painting in one of our bedrooms. Well, that led to the paint totally stripping off the wall four layers down. So the next morning a nice neighbour came over and helped me finish stripping and scraping the wall. Then patching. The goal was to have it done in time for the agents visit. It wasn’t. I was a mess when she came, the room was mess, and I had to leave my friend to continue my work for me and have the meeting with the agent.

So we talked.

Then the next day I painted two coats on that damn wall, cleaned everything up and put the room back together.

We had been tossing back and forth the idea of laying new flooring in our kitchen since it had a lot of broken tiles. Our real estate agent agreed so here we went again.

We tore up all the tiling and sub-flooring in our huge kitchen in one day. The next day Mr. CrankyPants laid all the new flooring while I painted all the trim. (The trim as was didn’t match the new flooring). And we put back together the whole kitchen again. And we cleaned and purged and cleaned.

Can you say tired and in awful pain?! Ugh!

You’d think we could rest after that but no.

Now it was time to list the house. And list it we have.


We are now having to keep the house looking perfect and staged at all times since we’ve been warned that real estate agents can show up at any given time without notice to show our house. There is no rest for the weary. And I’m weary.

Tomorrow, we have an open house from 2-4 and if that’s not enough then there’s a showing from 6:30-7:30. Mr. CrankyPants’ only day off this week.

We have no place to go because we are in the middle of heat wave and we have to take our dog with us. We can’t leave him in the truck. So basically we sit in the truck with the air on for all that time. It’s crazy.

Getting out of where we live is good. Moving is so stressful and not good for autoimmune disease. I’m worried when all this is said and done, that I’m going to crash. I have no choice but to do all this as we have no help. No family where we live.

We’ve had one family come through and they are interested. I hope there’s more interest come tomorrow! A bidding war would be great!

After we sell though we are on to the next stressful part. Finding a new home out of province, and Mr. CrankyPants will have to find a job. Then the move.

This is why I’ve had so little time to blog. You can always follow my FB autoimmune disease support group. I’d love to have you join! Just click on the blue.

Hot Days & Big Changes,



17 thoughts on “Time…

  1. Can’t you just disguise yourselves as potted plants and stay in the house during those agent visits?

    Yeah, it’s stressful to sell real estate. I wish you the best, and a quick sale before you crash and burn.

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    1. Thank you! I wish we could be potted plants! I joked that we should come through our own open house. The only person that would know is our agent. We can then hear what people like and don’t. lol

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      1. Actually that sounds like a great idea, to me. Besides, my wife and I have been to open houses where the residents were present. I don’t think there’s any law against it (at least, not in California).

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  2. I am moving too, I don’t have to sell anything as I am going from rental to rental but I too am worried that I am going to crash big time when this is over. I have no idea how I am even doing what I am doing and several times I have felt quite ill but so far it has passed. I just hope when I do crash that I have enough food and kitty litter to get me through the other side. Thank God for Amazon Prime! Good luck with your sale and move.

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  3. You my dear have been so incredibly busy and I know it is very stressful! I know you want to get everything done, but I hope you are taking time to rest! If you do not rest, feed yourself and stay hydrated you run the risk of getting sick!! I am always wishing you the best and sending you good vibes!

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