Lupus/Autoimmune Disease Awareness Month

Fighting vicious invisible and painful autoimmune diseases are very hard and a daily struggle with pain, fatigue, & unpredictability. They are isolating and make it so hard to make plans as we never know when we will be slammed and with what. Just because you can’t see the illness or disability doesn’t mean it’s not there. For the most part we try and hide it. I can guess if you looked in our eyes, you’d see the pain.

Autoimmune Disease
Living with Autoimmune Disease/Invisible Illness

Rainbows & Unicorns,


8 thoughts on “Lupus/Autoimmune Disease Awareness Month

  1. Great post and I completely understand! Living with an invisible illness can be so difficult and just frustrating! Dealing with the pain and fatigue is challenging and often it seems like others do not understand. I tend to try my best to hide how I feel and just push through the pain, which only causes more problems. Thank you for sharing this and I hope the rest of your week goes well!!

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    1. It’s a mental/emotional battle as much as physical. After a while people expect us to get better. That and not being able to make solid plans makes it so hard. Sorry you can relate. How are you doing today?

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      1. We all have something we struggle with and it is all in how we manage that gets us through. I deal with so much pain daily and still try to help everyone around me. It all gets a little frustrating but I refuse to give up. I hope you have a great day!!!

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  2. Happy LADAM month. Or is that an appropriate greeting? I pushed myself on my vacation last week, and have been dragging ever since. Does that happen to you? Happens to me pretty often. When I come back from a long vacation I’m practically dead for a week or two.

    If I have one of those invisible diseases, then I’m going to name it Vacationer’s Disease. It can really mess up a good getaway.

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    1. Why thank you. Yes it definitely happens to me. You sound more and more like you have one. Rest up, it’s really all you can do is listen to your body. I still got to read your post about it. Things have been crazy. I just did myself in trying to rake the lawn.

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