Finally Catching up With You…

I’m finding my way back to posting. Life has been so busy. Mr. CrankyPants and I went away last weekend in part for a small getaway, and in part for a Rheumie appointment that’s a 5 hour drive away.

We were so looking forward to having the getaway as we hadn’t had one in many years. While there was some good about it. It mostly turned into a nightmare. I came back way more exhausted then I left.

We arrived at our hotel at the time they said our room would be ready. It was not ready. An hour later, it was still not ready and my stomach wasn’t going to wait much longer. They didn’t even tell us how long it would be. We arrived at the same time as a wedding party was coming back from a wedding. It was chaos. For me sensory overload. I asked the front desk how much longer until our room was ready, and told them we’d been waiting an hour already. They checked and said it’s not ready yet so they’d upgrade us to a Penthouse room. Good right?!


First, for a Penthouse room there were really zero extras except for a beday and a soaker tub. Yay. That was fun. Second there were problems with the water and the pipes so the water was just spitting out of the shower. I actually got burned in the face with hot water because of it. Then, we ended up right across the hall from the bride and groom who kept coming and going from their room all night. The noise from their door opening and closing kept me awake all night.

We called down in the morning and told the front desk about the water problem. We had a “pipe guy” come up to our room and check. It was something that couldn’t be fixed right away. They said they’d check the other rooms on the floor and did. They said it was only our room. So they had to move us.

Now I’m exhausted and we had plans to see the massive mall for the day. So they told us to pack our stuff up and they would move us to another room for when we got back.

The mall was amazing but I was so so tired.

We got back 4 hours later and they had just moved our stuff. They moved our stuff to a down graded room. What?! It isn’t that I’m a spoiled brat, it was the principle of it for me.

Mr. CrankyPants had to get to a reptile show. I needed to nap but instead I went down to the front desk to find out why we got down graded with all the trouble we’d had. I had involuntary tears streaming down my face at this point I was so tired. I think all I needed them to say was sorry, how can we make this better for you. Instead she said this is the size room you originally booked.  I said I know but that’s not the point.

I can’t remember the full conversation from there, but I ended up going back up to our down graded room to wait for a call from them. Oh and I was told the only other penthouse room was occupied. Not true. They just hadn’t cleaned it yet.

So I get a call back and I’m told they begged house keeping to stop everything they were doing and get the penthouse room cleaned up for us. Okay great, but it was going to be another two hour wait. There went my only time to get some rest.

Two hours later Mr. Crankypants came back from the reptile expo and we weren’t moved yet but they came shortly after.

So up to the other penthouse we went with the help of a staff member. So at this point we went from penthouse, to suite and back up to penthouse.

Staff dude said he was going to check that everything was working. He got talking and forgot.

Now it’s evening and we’re both hungry and tired. We head to the restaurant in the hotel. It was mostly good and food that I could eat. For that I’m thankful. However…Mr. CrankyPants got served his beer in a dirty glass. He wasn’t going to say anything but decided to kindly let them know. They gave him an extra free beer. That was nice.

We met some nice people in the restaurant who saw my crutches when I was in the mall that day and he asked about them. We got talking a bit and found out both had cancer battles they were dealing with. It was a nice few moments to chat about autoimmune diseases and connect because of them.

Then back up to our room for the evening. At this point all I wanted to do was soak in the tub and veg for the night. I did soak in the tub but that’s when I discovered that we had the same problem in this room as the other penthouse room. The water wasn’t working properly. It wasn’t just one room on the floor.

After my bath I went to make a cup of tea with some tap water. The tap water was brown. AAARRRRGGG!

I called down to the front desk and said I don’t need anything from them, just that I wanted to let them know that the water wasn’t working in this room either and that we have brown water coming from the sink. I told them I was too tired to have anything done about it that night. They said that they were so sorry and could they make it better. I said we can deal with it in the am.

There’s more…

Even though we were 22 floors up, the traffic on the side of the building we were on now, was so loud that even with ear plugs and a pillow over my head, it kept me awake all night long. Now I’m even more exhausted and I have my Rheumie appointment to go to.

So, we talked to the front desk in the am, and told them again about the water. It was obvious the message hadn’t been passed to them. They finally said they better lock those two rooms out until they figure out what’s going on with the pipes.

Out of it, we got a tiny bit off the price of our stay, free parking for the two nights, and a free buffet breakfast each for our last morning there. I do love a good buffet breakfast. I take enough to have lunch out of it too. 😉

Now it’s off to the Rheumie appointment.

They were running quite a bit behind and we still had a 5 hour trip home after.

Long story short with the Rheumie, I’m being taken off Enbrel as it’s not working enough for me. I’m going to be starting on Humira. The doc actually wanted to start me on Rituxan infusions but, because I have sero negative Rheumatoid which means the RF factor doesn’t show up in my blood work, I won’t get coverage for the infusions. Sad because the infusions would help my kidneys that are still leaking protein. Talk about medical discrimination with the Ins. Co.’s.

I swear the most relaxing parts of our trip were the drive there and the drive back.

Before the trip I spent three days making candles for a show I had yesterday. And I worked on getting ready for the trip.

When we got back, I spent my week still getting ready for the show, and dealing with the whole Humira process. The days have been such a blur with the busyness since I got back.

So the show yesterday was a massive one. The biggest one I’ve been too and you know what? I sold two small candles and a couple of bottles of CBD all day. That’s it. It was such a horrible let down after all the work I put in to prepare for it. I was also told that most people sell out early so I had high expectations. It was a Craft and Critter show. It seems most people were there for the livestock not the crafts. That’s it for me with shows. I can make more just selling wholesale like I always do until we move. I totally thought that at least the CBD would sell out there.

The one highlight of the show was that I got to hold and feed a 7 month old baby wallaby. That was wonderful and a once in a lifetime experience.

Now today (Sunday) I’m recouping. Tomorrow I look forward to the start of a less busy more normal week. I hope.

Sorry this is so long. There was lots of catching up to do.

Don’t forget about my FB autoimmune disease support group. I’d love to have you join Here. 

How has everyone else been doing?

Sunshine & Spring,





12 thoughts on “Finally Catching up With You…

  1. What a shame about the hotel fiasco… Don’t you wonder how these hotels don’t know about the things that need fixing. I mean when the maids etc clean, don’t they need to turn on the taps… etc etc… It must have been just emotionally exhausting, which of course affects you physically as well. I hope this new med, is good for you and helps!
    Years (many) ago I used to try to sell Tupperware, and makeup with house parties, and often the women just wanted to get together because most of the time I sold very little for all the work and driving and set up that I had to do. I decided that I was not a salesperson.
    With you of course, you do well from home, so I agree that those shows just take so much out of you, and it seems doesn’t get you very much in sales. ………. Diane

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Diane. It was a crazy weekend. I felt like I needed a holiday after it lol. Yes I think I’m just going to stick to whole sales now until we move. Once we settle , I’ll decide where to go from there or if I feel I can continue. I’m doing a bit of networking in our next province. The cbd sales on the other hand are going quite well. The stress of that is that the owner of that business is a narcissist and we butt heads all the time. It’s crazy. The product is good and it sells, so I’ll stick with it for now. How are you feeling?


  2. Wow, what a miserable time at Motel Hell. I usually ignore problems at motels, and just put up with it. But my wife is like you. She complains, and then we end up changing rooms, or some handyman shows up at 11:00 at night, while I’m trying to sleep. I don’t know what’s worse, the problems, or the correcting of the problems.

    I hope the Humira works out for you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bahaha! You sound like my Hubby. By the point I complained I had just been looking forward to a soaker tub which the room we got put into didn’t have. I think you’re right though, the complaining just made it more complicated. Although I’m not complaining about the wonderful free buffet breakfasts we got!
      Thank you. I hope Humira helps too!
      Hey what’s with no blogging lately?!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We’ve been gone on a cruise. Guess I’ll have to blog about it. Right now I’m too tired to blog, so I’m resting up from my vacation. Oh, but I did do a stolen quote today. I’m never too tired to steal.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Why you sly dog you. A cruise! Nice! Hope you had a wonderful time. Now all you need is a holiday from the holiday. Rest up! Aha, I shall go check out your stolen goods.


  3. Oh wow, quite the experience! I’m at least glad that Mr CP got a free beer as an apology for the dirty glass, but brown tap water..? Eugh! So sorry the show was pretty disappointing, especially given all of the effort and expectations. I do hope you can continue wholesale and manage okay until perhaps looking at other avenues in the near future; don’t give up hope, obviously that one show wasn’t quite right. If I lived nearby (rather than in the UK!) I’d have been there to buy some CBD oil from you!

    Rest up and I hope the week is a more gentle pace after such busy-ness!

    Also just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the 3 quotes tag. No pressure to do it, but I wanted others to be able to check out your blog incase they haven’t already 🙂

    Caz xx


    1. Awe thank you so much! That’s so sweet of you.
      It was an interesting getaway that’s for sure but there was some good and I’m trying to focus on the good. Not easy though.
      How are you doing?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m okay… still alive which is the baseline I’m trying to appreciate as things could be worse. Yes, focusing on the good can be hard, even if we know it’s there. Holding the wallaby must have been incredible though and something you won’t forget =]

        Liked by 1 person

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