There hasn’t been a huge amount new to blog about lately. No real changes going on except maybe my stomach and GI issues are getting a bit worse again.

I’ve been painting areas of our home getting it ready to put up for sale. I’ve been working on my candle making because I sold a bunch, and my cbd business has kind of taken off, so things have been busy.

Oh and also my autoimmune disease fb support group has taken off. I went from 16 people that I added to over 60 people in 2 days. I’ve had to add 2 moderators already. In one way it’s sad that so many are sick and feeling alone, in another way, it’s wonderful to find support, comfort and understanding in others. If you’re interested in the group the link is on my side bar or HERE.

I had a good friend who lost her job suddenly yesterday come over. She came straight from that job pretty upset. The same friend came over tonight and we did a really fun thing I’ve never done before. My friend is a photographer and I’m a candle maker. She brought over her photography equipment and lighting and she took stock photo pics of my candle making process. It was so much fun to both hang out with her and combine our two passions. We can also talk for hours with no idea of time. I’m grateful for good friends who are so supportive in working around my illness.

This month I have an appointment with my Rheumatologist. It’s quite likely the last one before we move. At least I hope so anyway. Mr. CrankyPants and I have not had a get away in years so, we have decided to make this long trip a getaway. Rather then driving 5 hours to the docs, seeing the doc then driving the 5 hours back like we usually do. We are going to leave on the Sat., stay in a hotel Sat. and Sunday. Hang out in the area both going to a massive mall and a reptile expo on Sunday, then go to my appointment on Monday and head home.  Yes we love reptiles. We have a wonderful 7 foot boa. She’s our gentle giant.

I’m looking forward to the getaway. I need it so badly. I hope to also get somewhere with my Rheumie in snagging a couple of specialist referrals in my area. I need to see a couple and I have no support from my GP or my Internist it seems anymore. I suspect my meds may be changed too as Enbrel isn’t making much of a difference yet anyway. Who knows what will go down. I can only hope for the best.

On last side note. We are still getting a crazy amount of snow up here. Where the Sam hell is spring?! The amount of snow we’ve had since Feb. has broken a 31 year record. I believe we’ve had over 10 feet of it. Please snow stop! I’m begging you! It’s April. Did you hear me? APRIL! SPRING! Spring doesn’t = snow. Now that I’ve cleared that up, I expect to see our lawn again soon.

How are you all doing?

No more snow & Green grass sightings,



12 thoughts on “Gibbering

  1. We’ve actually had some sunshine today, which, after countless days of torrential rain, then snow and freezing temperatures, is odd but very much welcomed! I’m sorry you’ve been finding symptoms worsening, but I’m glad you had another rheumie appt booked. Also very cool to hear about the candle photography, and that the FB group is doing so fabulously, you’re doing a great thing with providing a place of support for others & should be very proud!  ♥
    Caz xx

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      1. I think I’ve been as turbulent & changeable as the weather! Not so great at the moment, but thank you for asking. I’m sure I’ll pick back up again soon. Where do your candle photos go, do you use them online? I’m nosy and I’d love to see them! 🙂
        Caz x

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  2. I’m glad it’s all working out on FB. People with a disease that is difficult to diagnose can feel very lonely. So let’s hope that if anything, they won’t feel quite so lonely anymore, being on your group.

    Our Fall lasted until February, and so did the leaves on our trees. Then it got real cold. Winter occurred from mid-February to the end of March. Now, the leaves are getting their foliage about a month later than normal. Strange as hell.

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    1. It has been great. I don’t feel as alone, I’ve learned a lot and I think others feel the same.

      It has just been a very weird winter everywhere it seems. Glad you’re beginning to get some spring. Time to put a pool in to keep cool in your HOT summers. Since you’re doing reno’s anyway, it won’t cost that much extra. 😉

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