Can you see it? Not even the finger usually affected.

Does anyone have this? Isn’t it fun? I have a few fingers and toes affected but one finger seems to be almost constantly white when it’s cold or when I’m stressed. It seems to also get quite swollen because of it. I wear half mitts all the time, winter and summer. It’s become part of my style, because why not make it fun right?!

Raynaud’s for some who may not know causes your blood vessels to dilate thus cutting off your circulation in the area affected. It causes that area to turn blue, then white and as it goes back to normal red. It feels exactly like frost bite where you lose all feeling, then when the feeling comes back it hurts. It comes with autoimmune disease often. Can be a symptom of lupus. For me it’s what finally convinced my GP after three years that something more serious then tennis elbow was going on with me.  My finger turned blue in front of him during an appointment to find out why my jaw was locking.  We never dealt with my jaw. Once the Dr. saw my blue finger, he decided that my jaw locking was related to what was going on with my finger. In other words something autoimmune, and off to the Internist I was finally sent.

It will/can affect your fingers, toes ears and even your nose. Cold is a big trigger followed by stress.

It means it’s hard for me to stick my hands in a freezer, to get anything out at home or a grocery store.

Docs have scripted me blood pressure meds to take for it if I want to. I haven’t worked up the courage to take another med yet, but I may have to this winter. We get extremely cold winters up here and my Raynaud’s is bad.

What is your experience with Raynauds and meds for it?

Hot days & Fall Colours,


10 thoughts on “Raynaud’s

  1. I was told I had this earlier this year. Its the weirdest thing when your fingers go all white! I don’t take anything for it and it doesn’t seem to be as bad as it was. Haven’t noticed if it’s certain fingers that get it worse? Will keep a eye on that 🙂

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      1. Mine started around the same time as I got Lupus (when it was really bad) start of this year. It was all of my fingers/palms and toes. Since my treatment seems to be working atm its not as bad as it was. I was never told to do anything about it from my rhemy. Fingers still change colour but no one seems to notice. They start to feel numb, cold or seems like they are going dead. Im always shaking them or getting them warm when I feel it. I wore gloves in winter because of it.

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      2. Oh wow it must have worried you at first. Can I ask what meds you are on? It’s good to hear treatment is helping you. It seems Dr.s don’t tell us much eh? I had to ask about it and then they gave me blood pressure meds that are supposed to help it. I may cave and try them this winter just to see if I tolerate the med okay and if it will help. It can cause complications if it’s often and for too long. The raynaud’s that is. You may have told me before, forgive my memory if you did. How long have you been battling lupus?

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  2. I started getting symptoms last year but wasn’t diagnosed until May this year after it got bad. All of the meds seem to be working for me now, it took a few months. Mycophenolate, prednisone, plaquenil are main pills I take and couple of others like aspirin etc. I wonder if the raynauds flared with my lupus flaring? Is raynauds forever? Seems quite serious when I read about it online but seems minor with other Lupus problems. We are in spring in NZ now but winter was a bastard.

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    1. The meds do take quite a long time to start working. I am glad they’re helping for you though. I think Raynaud’s is forever, part of autoimmune disease. It can be serious if not cared for that’s for sure. I’ve been on plaquenil since they decided I have autoimmune disease. Lucky ducky you’re in spring!! Does the heat or sun bother you?

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      1. Our spring has been wet and windy so far lol. I have had the worst allergies/ hayfever already 🤧. When its hot I get little dots on my hands like rashes that come and go. It looks ugly but unsure which of my issues cause that

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  3. I would take the blood pressure pills if raynauds is bad. I never used to take any pills if I could help it but after this year I have had so much medication that I don’t mind now lol. If the dr says its safe and qives better quality of life I would just do it 😉 (see if I say this in a few years when I get sick of meds and the side effects lol)

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    1. I hear ya! They are all at present making me sick. My gut is so bad, I”m worried either the meds have damaged it, because I never had these problems before the meds, or I wonder is colitis or Crohns now set in. Both run rampant in my family. I hope not. That would be my worst nightmare.

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