Still. No. Word.

The title about says it. I still have not heard from the Rheumie going on day 4 now. I can only hope that it’s because she’s talking with my Internist but I doubt it.

I get the feel like she’s sending me a message.

On top of it, I’m waiting to hear back from the Internists office and from my the social worker at my Nephrologists office.

When dealing with the medical world, it’s hurry up and wait. Hope we don’t die waiting.

I can tell you one thing, I’m not sticking around home only to wait. If there’s something that I have to get done, I go do it. Glad I have.

I promise I’ll get off this subject soon. Maybe I’ll hear from someone tomorrow. (Pft)

What’s been your biggest battle?

Moonlight & Stars,


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