I’m Bad, You Know it I’m Bad.

So I went for my TB read today and as I knew it would be, it was negative. Yipeee! As I’d mentioned in an earlier post, the nurse was also trying to pressure me about getting my immunizations when I got the TB test done. Today they were supposed to pressure me some more.

Guess what?

They. Forgot.

Heh heh!

I didn’t remind them. Hence no pressure.

Except when they remembered after the fact and tried to call me. I was driving.


Then I was shopping. Yup shopping again.

When I arrived home my answering machine was flashing. I still haven’t checked it because I know who it is, and what they want.

And. I know what I don’t want. 😉

So that’s it. No immunizations for this CrankyPants.

That makes me not such a CrankyPants.

Now after all the running around I did this morning I need a nap. I won’t be dreaming of immunizations. I can guarantee you that.

I’m bad!

Sweet dreams & No needles,


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