Medical Everything

So, yesterday as you may have read I was at the Internist office.

Today, I went for part one of a TB test I have to get in hopes of qualifying for a biologic.

Friday I have to go for part 2 of  said TB test. The read. Then they are pressuring me to the get flu, pneumonia and whooping cough vaccinations.

Umm.. NO, notta, no way, not happening. Period. Wish “No thank you” was understood.

Anyway, I’m getting so tired of my only outings being for medical reasons. Since there’s always a wait, I have no time for anything else, except maybe on a day where I don’t have a medical something, grocery shopping. Such fun.

I hope Friday is the last medical something for a couple of months but I don’t hold my breath. We all know how unpredictable autoimmune disease is. It totally blindsides and messes with ones mind.

Maybe if it’s not too hot or sunny later (because the disease doesn’t like heat or sun), I need to get out for a walk with the dog. I may be just a bit Cranky. 😉

Green grass & Beaches,



4 thoughts on “Medical Everything

    1. Well a couple of things. Last time I got the flu shot I got really sick. So gun shy. And with my immune system being suppressed, I’m worried what getting those shots will cause. Also I’ve done just fine without those vaccinations for many years. In fact, even being on immune suppressants and being around Hubby when he had the flu, I have not gotten the flu. Why fix something that “ain’t” broke?

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