What most won’t see…

This is the reality of living with autoimmune disease. These are taken more than once a day.  Most will make us just as sick in one way or another. They also help keep us alive. We may not look sick to the world but we are sick as hell.

Some medications I take.
                                                                  Some Medications I take.

Below is my first introduction to medications for what they called lupus at the time, but since have changed their mind on more than one occasion. For now they call it mixed connective tissue disease, because the majority of the medical world is clueless. Apparently the disease has to fit in a box. I wonder, does the disease know this?!

Methotrexate. A chemo med I injected myself with intramuscular once a week for 6 months. A friend taught me how, not the doctors. Caused a lot of complications.  Had to come off it. 

So if you know someone battling one or usually more of these diseases, remember there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. If we/they have to cancel plans, it’s not because we want to, it’s because we have to. I would say that we live on a daily basis with the kind of pain that would put most people in bed. That’s our norm. On a bad day, double or triple that pain.

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8 thoughts on “What most won’t see…

  1. I don’t like needles. I don’t know how you cope with a disease that requires self-injection. I don’t know how diabetics do it, either. Maybe when someone is in a situation like you, they have do to what they have to do. But it must be tough.

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      1. Oh yes the vitamin deficiency good times eh?! I hope that the side effects ease up for you. After MTX they left me on Plaquenil and tried me with Immuran and then Cellcept. I didn’t do well on any of them. It did help some with pain but not my stomach.

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