Medications from Hell

Tackling this topic is tough. In a sentence I hate the medications used to treat autoimmune disease. As far as I’m concerned they all seem to create other wicked issues that are just as bad as the disease itself. I’m so tired of them. Why can’t they just come up with medications that help, not make things worse in a whole other way?!  Or better yet, a cure would be great!

Methotrexate(A chemo drug) Caused major gut issues, aura’s many times a day, I couldn’t breath and struggle with that now, fatigue and a bad taste when I did the IM injection, suppresses immune system. It only started to help with pain after 6 months when I had to be pulled off of it because of the side effects.

Plaquenel– I’m still on it. Can cause damage to your eyes, have to have them regularly checked, causes me gut issues. I haven’t found any improvement in my disease at all.

Immuran- Tried in place of Methotrexate. Also an immune suppressant. Caused bad gut issues, which caused other more embarrassing complications and extreme pain. I didn’t see any improvement in my disease. On it for a year and then pulled off.

Cellcept- Also an immune suppressant. Trying in place of Immuran. It’s causing me terrible gut issues and again embarrassing issues that cause extreme pain. I started on half a dose, was raised to full dose and got worse. I’m back to half dose and still not doing well. No improvement in disease activity. I’m going to be asking about coming off of it and trying to get approval for Enbrel or Humera. The ONLY reason I’m still taking it is to protect my kidneys that are showing signs of being at risk, or I would be so off this.

Prednisone-This should be a whole post on it’s own. For now I’ll say that I refuse to put this medication in my body. Despite pressure from all my Docs to do so. I just won’t do it. Shouldn’t it be my right to choose what I feel is right or wrong for me?  I think it would also mess with my epilepsy and I’m not willing to take that chance.

It causes:

  • Moon face
  • extreme weight gain
  • extreme hunger
  • mood swings
  • insomnia
  • acne
  • your teeth to fall out
  • your bones to become weak
  • wounds don’t heal
  • lowers your immune system so you can’t fight off infection
  • addictive so you have to be weened off it. Can only be used temporarily for short term pain relief
  • messes with your adrenals
  • Can cause diabetes

I’m sure there’s many more complications but this is enough for me not to touch this drug with a 10 foot pole. I can’t for the life of me wrap my brain around how easily they give this out, but fight giving out pain killers.  Thankfully I’ve built a trust with my GP and I get pain killers.

I figure if Prednisone relieves pain and then we have to be ripped off of it. Wouldn’t the pain be worse in that we got used to being without pain?!

Having said all this, I have to say that everyone reacts different to the medications and some may not have any problems, some may have different ones than I. I wish I didn’t have these complications and I feel like the Dr.’s blame me for having them. I feel like they are taking away my life more than the disease itself at the moment.

There are other medications used as well, these are just the ones in my world. I’m on medication for epilepsy and for pain as well.

Flowers & Sunshine,


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